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And we learned that basically see soil last year spent his birthday with Tammy and some small was having a really tough week. And was like, hey, if you walk out to have dinner with Bertha dinner with Tammy then don't walk back, and I'm like, okay. This is cool. But I feel like we covered this pretty clearly last season. Like, why is this already seen the land episodes? That's obviously just some made up fight for them to go through so over that one. So then we get a quad. And let me see. No, no. Oh, yeah. Heavenly. Uncontested go over to support quad. And her sister circle sisters by. By the so quite as they're talking to carry hilson and quad must know what is going on with you musically. It's actually question that I would like to know from Keri hilson, like where have you gone, not that you really not that you really arrived too much by like such a funny way to phrase the question what's going with you musically? And she's like. About. That's when. She's like riding always writing like. Just like I wrote a letter that I left the box for the. For the man that to my heart out about traffic crossing. I refused to be a pilot ashes it's not going to happen. I'm like, okay. No one's burning you alive. Lot lax with sister circle. Always four women. I thought it was three. Yeah. Like, yeah. Why they? Why do they triangle? Well as for as a square. Okay. So I need five five or nothing because she's seen with two women. So. Girling the other woman. No, remember, they all went onto lunch to begin the season. It was four of them. And then heavenly declared that she likes Contessa, by the way. She's like, I don't give a damn. But what anyone says about contest the beach. So then Mariah is having a party from season one that she had that was called doctors and call patio centers on the dock. Oh, yeah. Johnston's bad. This whole like this whole reboot. Madness thing is bad. It's bad wouldn't even mariah's rebooting her own party from five years ago. Like, it's one thing to reboot Spiderman twelve times, but when mariah's rebooting her series premiere party, by the way, seriously Spiderman another Spiderman. It's supposed to be so good actually got great Raver spider-man's. So I need to see there's been this is a cartoon. It's into the spider verse, listen, you know, me I hate I hate superhero ship, but I'm gonna see into the spider verse by the like, oh, like a movie guys. So I don't want to just was playing because I was looking to see when those Queen movies were playing to so many Queen movies their favorite, then there's the Queen movie, but he mean rattle, then there's the Mary Queen of Scots law gave it with you. I feel like that's a movie that we should watch together. I wanna see that one. Let's much the favorite together. Let's watch the favorite in the spider verse into the Queen verse. Talk to this mountain spot med. So the best part of this party was that we got to see clips of Carey who I still miss and that we got to see how they all were on the first season. I mean, how Larry's when Kerry and quad were fighting because Kerry had given quad shade..

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