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I'm God, he's jewels. Clarity skies over West London. But we have a packed show because there is major movement in La Liga. Madrid fall true round Madrid joules. We have new league leaders in San Diego. I feel like I say that pretty regularly. If you care about that kind of stuff, which happens in March, massive, all the big teams win in the Premier League and a lot of penalties too. But let's start with the Madrid Derby. But I don't know the legal Madrid said I think Real Madrid have now won, was it 9, ten in a row, and all competitions, but I want to start with the fact that they've won in different ways. And in this one, in this game, this was one game the one by being lucky. They won by being good. They won by crushing the opposition. And in this one, they won fair to say by controlling the game and waiting for the stars to make the difference. Yeah, and angelotti was very interesting about this. And I think one of the great things about angel food is how calm he is about everything. But also how honest and how direct there have been times in the past when I think of around the manager said to use this phrase it's becoming recurring now. We play in a low block and we plan the counter attack because I want our forwards at the top of the page to have more space. And I think there have been times over the years when for Real Madrid managers said that he'd be sorted for it because it would be seen as a lack of ambition because it'd be seen as not being progressive. But I shall see so matter of fact about it. But it's that it's accepted. It's accepted that these are the qualities that we have. These are the things that make us most dangerous. And that's fine. And I think you're right, if you look at this run, it's a 14 day run that has basically won real mentally. And obviously the long way to go and all that sort of stuff, the normal car they have to be live. But they've beaten athletic, but they also add severe Athletico. And, of course, in that run, they've also beaten into Milan. The last two weeks, when it's mattered, they played the same starting 11 every time they've been able to and they have one games in different ways you say, occasionally fortunate occasionally on the break occasionally group control. And this game was kind of a combination of all of those things. We'll talk about control. You talk about moderates and Tony crews and midfield. There's a whole issue with rotation, which we'll get into later with said. But Monday is 36 years old. He's being chased by Atlantis reputation being so physical running around when you ragged. And they look like kids out there right now. He looked like. He looked, he just had a couple of seconds. It was a couple of seconds ahead of everybody. It's almost like he was seeing what would happen to seconds later before anyone else. And it was just brilliant to see him. I think in a setup, like I said, a new explained suits him far more than maybe a lot of running and a lot of intensity and going up and down all the time. I think this is perfect for him. And for Tony Cruz to a certain extent, but certainly for modular ice age and considering his game, I just thought it was magnificent. And I think when you play against him in that kind of form, and remember, you have so much control, it's just very hard to regain that control. Said, I want you to help me understand at lately a little better. And Diego Simone, 'cause I'm a massive fan. I'm one of the people who drank the Kool-Aid and really believe that we're getting through two because they have so many talented players and everything. And then I see this game and I see that even defensively, I couldn't quite work out what they're set up was at the start of the game. With conducive playing further back, I don't know if he was trying to be clever. It feels like nothing he tries works and when they do get points, it's because of carra or it's a grit or moments or individuals. It's possible to answer the big question. He was playing a sense about him just no savage. He was only really going to have a huge amount of choice but to play in their local state could have played with only two center backs instead of three of them. It was actually a back four with your sense back and also a left back and Carrasco playing this hybrid roll, but that's quite often the case with athletic. It's not a clear cut formation. In terms of Simeone, I think there isn't a club with the obvious exception of Barcelona where there's a recession about identity. Where we've talked so much about identity or shifting identity or losing identity over the last three or four years of Athletico. And it's partly as you say, because this idea that Simeone now has different types of players have to find a different way. But maybe he doesn't fully believe in it or maybe the players don't fully believe in some of the things that he says. But I think in a way, I think we allow ourselves to be dragged into that perhaps more than is really the case, because for example, this year, I bet I just problem, isn't it there? People keep saying they've got to be more expansive. They've got to attack more. They've got players to play differently. They're probably shares. I haven't done the old things well. They're not defending well. They're not protecting themselves well. They're not that team they once were. There's a nice line by who's going to supporting columnist el mundo today. And he said, you know, what used to be a bulldog is now kenichi wearing Prada. And that's kind of part of the problem that this is sort of identity thing. And there's this sort of disconnect between what they were or what they thought they were. And what they're becoming. And in a way, you can look at this this year, and possibly say I think this might be stretching a little bit, but I think there's some merit in it. Say that is kind of become a victim of abundance that it almost worked better when there was this kind of underdog idea. Either by bringing more players in, that's created a need to shift with the shifter structure, try and find a place for Rodrigo to pull try and find a place for Antoine Griezmann. And that changes things..

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