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They will save money as you see. That clearly worked out right anyway. Deemed smith unlike the vast majority of his peers elected to keep a sub varsity team at north carolina. A profile of the schools. Jv team last year. The new york times wrote that smith wanted to give regular students a chance to be around north carolina basketball. Well also living potential welcome to learn the varsity system and that's apparently what it was. It wasn't really a pipeline for players for the tar heels. Varsity in fact i can't find much evidence that any junior varsity player ever became a significant contributor to seize varsity remember within a decade of freshmen being eligible. Unc was already leaning on rookies. Like michael jordan but it did turn out to be a really good way of developing coaches or the very least. It gave them a chance to work a sideline of their own roy. Williams coach north carolina's junior varsity team for eight seasons while serving as an assistant for dean smith drought. Who's the coach at stanford now coach to north carolina. Jv team for three years. While working as an assistant for roy williams. And even phil ford. Who became the first freshman under dean smith to start in his first college. Game he coached. Jv team north carolina in the ninety s. Four few years. Roy williams like the concept of a jv team so much that he started one while he was a kansas and out of the jayhawks. Jv program came margin now. The head coach at maryland. Steve robinson who was later head coach at both tulsa florida state and another guy. You may have heard of john kalahari but that team only lasted for a couple of years and it finally ended. When the kansas administration argued that the male junior varsity skewed schools title nine balance and williams was angry and his folksy sort of rich grade. Way saying that made me so mad. It was the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. People will use excuses money time. I think it's hogwash. Because the value you get from it is so much more. So it's no surprise that. When roy williams returned to north carolina as the head coach in two thousand three he kept junior varsity program and later. Place hubert davis in charge of it. But if the program is as important as they say it is still can't find much about it on the internet. There's no schedule no record and not even right now a roster on the team website so maybe the best way to keep up with the team is through its instagram. Page at unc. Jv ball the last post. There's from march third. Twenty twenty promoting the team's final game of the regular season against milligan college tennessee. But there's no update on the final score. We do however know that the north carolina. jv plays as many as eighteen games. This season all of them about three hours. Before the varsity games at the dean smith center they tend to draw a few dozen fans game. Family members students looking for free food and something to do their schedule. Mostly consists of games against local community and junior colleges and prep schools. No they don't play any. Acc games because nowhere. The program has a junior varsity team and the hills. Jv rival is probably hargrave military academy which has alums including larry brown who played a post grad year there on his way to north carolina where he later played under dean smith. All roads lead. Becca dean samantha. So anyway huber. Davis released doesn't say much about his experience. Coaching the jv but some of his former players told the inside carolina website that he was very much an acolyte of carolina. Way the jv rennes the hills. Renown secondary break an offensive system. Smith made his famous as he did that. Stupid ass. four corners offense. They run an elevator. Door played at three point shooter. Open at the top of the key. Just like all teams. Do you know if you watch them. They look awful. Lot like the north carolina. We're all familiar with. Except say you know jerry stackhouse ottosson right so now davis will get a chance on the varsity like surely many of our listeners. Date after getting called up from j. v. let's just hope that he'll be as proud of his promotion as he is of his wife stefan any. Jv experience for you. Oh yeah the most embarrassing. Jv experience was that. I had to play on the jv ice hockey team in eleventh grade. 'cause i just wasn't very good. Did you star or the jv team that you're the star playing ice hockey at all but scored a few goals. Going against eighth and ninth graders on the other other teams being from louisiana. Anyone who can ice skate as deserving of applause from me. I shouldn't i should. I should him to louisiana That was terrific. Joel i do want to circle back to your comment about the mammoths at the beginning. The mammoths are actually knew. I had forgotten this. That amherst was the lord jeffs for a century and then in two thousand seventeen. They renamed the the team and created a mask. Because there's a mammoth skeleton that was discovered by amherst professor. That's in the schools museum. Because lord jeff was was a british general. Jeffrey amherst who in the eighteenth century wanted to give smallpox infected blankets to native americans. So were there was no way when you said british general those no way that anything. That followed was going to be good. I got me. I just as soon as you said that they had to change it. So it sense ray for the man. That's that is a show for today our producer. This was margaret kelly tilson to pasha and subscribe or just reach out good. Asleep dot com slash hangup. You can email us at hang up at sleep dot com and don't forget..

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