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Okay we've been doing would you rather the last couple of weeks we did tight ends we did quarterbacks by the way i've changed my opinion on the quarterbacks over the weekend i also have like a couple tweaks to my points i don't want to get into the mind on baker mayfield still high on darnold less high on rosen's play i'll say one thing so i said if i was an nfl gm i would pick rosen yeah like to keep my job yeah i'm changing that to darnold emit too weird the safe choice in my opinion the highest floor we did completely different things last week and we both came to that conclusion independently yeah maybe we just the revelation came somehow okay so we're going to linebackers yes in my opinion compared to previous drafts the most stacked the position has been in at least five years so do you want to do all of them in the first round or do you just want to do three or i run guys that's what i would say so roquan smith yes outside linebacker at a georgia then you have tr main edmonds inside linebacker from virginia tech s two fairly different players but both of them extremely versatile yes edmonds twenty pounds heavier obviously so big he's huge it is as we are in class in terms of the size of guy he's because for the most part at the position it's gotten so much smaller and the fact that edmunds and leading vander s or two hundred fifty five pound denotes is a weird wire so lane will be the third and is there anyone else then missing here inside like move linebackers i would say those are the three that so yeah there were shaun evans is getting some buzz he's an outside he's a different sort of player oh no no i understand that i'm just saying he's he's a linebackers in the mix i think if we're comparing the same position it's move linebackers that are primarily not pass rushers and in my mind that's edmonds roquan smith and van rush right so there is some buzzed that smith could go to colt snow at six so.

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