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You know, frankly, I think we'd see the selectric in the labor party taking the selection of Lieber candidates further of to the left. So, you know, the center of gravity in British politics right now was Boston a quick question to you both do you still support your respective parties wholeheartedly? Yes. But not wholeheartedly and in just about and very very Finally, I know that you're an Oprah buff in when will fight lady city. Oh, hey, you know, we've had everything I in this one. I mean in the summer of two thousand sixteen people said people were giving lots lots of analogies, stole the bloodthirsty stuff. I think well, I would say this with my accent is more like MacBeth, right? There's lots of dig- the binding which is actually quite good old pro in Anderson from this group and John tin. Thank you very much. Now, here's what else we keeping an eye on today. The US Federal Aviation authority says it will not ground Boeing seven three seven bucks eight aircraft despite mounting pressure from politicians and workers unions following Sunday's crash in Ethiopia the FAA said it had found no systemic performance issues with the planes following review. The UK the European Union, China, Singapore and Australia of all banned the planes from flying in the s base negotiators for the US on the Taliban have wrapped up their longest round of peace talks to date with no agreements on when foreign troops might leave the country after sixteen days of talks in Doha. The US special envoy said progress had been made for the Americans any deal hinges on assurances the Taliban will not allow militant groups to use Afghantistan to stage a tux talks are expected to resume in late March and Japan is decided it will not join the United Nations motion condemning North Korea and rights of. Uses for the first time in a decade, Japan and the European Union have submitted a joint motion every year since two thousand and eight bucks on Wednesday. Tokyo said it would not join this year given American efforts to end North Korea's weapons program. This is the globalist. Stay tuned. Ukraine is gearing up for a presidential election at the end of March leading the field of forty four candidates as an inexperienced comedian Vladimir Zielinski, but is renewed political turbulence what the country needs as Russia looks poised to China increase its influence over the nation. Current president petro Persian co might be the west best bet for maintaining stable relations, Gwendolyn sauces, director of the center for east European and international studies in Berlin and joins us on the line to explain more Gwendolyn. Thanks for coming on a partial has been powerful five years, and he has a pretty mixed report card. Can you give us a snapshot of his time at the helm? Yes. He votes to the presidency after the euro wind down the mass protests, which led to Origene change in Kiev got rich off the very corrupt president. Kovic?.

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