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Wednesday afternoon on K LBJ Radio Day away from the Cowboys a few days away from the Longhorns in Saint Bill against the Arkansas Razorbacks, and we're going to learn more about the Texas Arkansas series right now with my old buddy Larry Carlson of San Antonio of former broadcasts professor at first Southwest Texas State, Texas State University. Uh, he did. At one time. The Fred Akers pregame show on Radio in Austin did the Longhorn locker room show I got to share the microphone with Larry Carlson. A season of Texas State called at Southwest Texas state basketball many years ago, one of the great riders of the Longhorns and broadcasters and now he's one of the writers for the TLS and website. Larry. Welcome back to K L B J, my friend. And how are you doing? Are you as excited about Texas and Arkansas as I'm as excited about the game Saturday night and Fayetteville? I am ahead and I hope that you can get Jason psyched up for it, too, because I mean, give me wild, and I've got a couple of good buddies that I grew up with in San Antonio. That knew they were going to go to Arkansas went there stayed there, and I'm still in communication with them. And those guys are pretty geeked. That whole state is ready to go. Yeah, that's that. That worries me about that. And I just think this series and we're a little older as I tell people on the radio there. I'm 49. So that makes you 50. So we it does. I mean, we're veterans? Yeah, We're veterans. We've been around this series a long time, and it goes back to the The days of coach role in 1960 61. 62 goes on to the 69 game. But such history with Texas and Arkansas I think people have forgotten how great this series is. Well, I think they have and you know again, like you said. Part of it comes with seasoning ed. But Let's face it. Darrell Royal was owning most teams back then and in his, you know, in the sixties and seventies, when I think that rivalry, you know, we just had a 20 year peak. Royal started out 34 against the Hogs in the sixties. Then the horns went on a terror with Royal and without him and won like 12 by the remaining 14 games in the sixties and seventies, But I remember when they lost three in a row, and I thought Sex is never going to beat architecture again. And when I was in junior high and stuff, and it's like that was a white hot Rivalry. And then when the you know Texas started getting it back with the wishbone, and then the big shootout and all that, But I mean those Arkansas fans. That is a war. It's a holy war. I mean, you know, with all due respect It just really is And a lot of Texas players didn't feel that way. But I think the fans understood. That it was bigger than oh, you and and and back in the sixties and seventies because let's face it that he's never won in the sixties. Oh, you be Texas Once in the sixties, Arkansas would the ticket. Larry, Jason Dick here. Thank you for the time today. Ed surprised me yesterday by telling me he's never been to this game has never been never been the bill I've never been. There Is Arkansas seen many games here in Austin but never fade believe he specifically said no desire because he doesn't want to be around the misbehaving Arkansas fans. Can you confirm that about them? Because you can you give me some stories about specifically the behavior of the Arkansas fans up there? Well, I would say this, Jason that I was there the first time that I was there in Arkansas with 77 when I was doing the locker room shows and, uh, Texas was coming off that monster game against Oklahoma. Where Randy McKay train had come in as the third string quarterback, so the Arkansas game was his first to start. And, um They were calling the hogs. He was an early game and 11 o'clock game, which back then was unusual. And it was a windy day, and I just couldn't believe all the red. The famous Texas coach. Ed will remember this. Mike Campbell, the defensive guru. Had playing in Arkansas was like parachuting into Russia. Back in the Cold War, all the red you saw and the wind was howling, and they were calling the hogs. Remember when Texas iced the game late. It was a 13 to 9 games. Um, didn't give up any touchdowns. Earl Campbell's, You Know, just kind of controlled the game, Randy managed it. Russ works played with booted some monster field goals, as did Steve Little, But they told us on the sidelines of players had already been warned. You know, Look out. The flying bottles are coming because the game has been sealed now, so watch your head. Well, what are you going to do if you don't have a helmet, so I was just aware of it, but The thing is, I've talked with some Longhorns. You know, in recent weeks that remember Little Rock was much, much worse. So let's be glad they're not playing Little rock, where they used to play every four years is Ed will recall. Yeah, I never saw the game in Little Rock. But I was talking to Jay Arnold just recently and he played the 71 game up there as a sophomore. It said. He's never seen anything like it. I mean, the Jim Beam bottles were flying. They were throwing ripe oranges at Longhorns and, uh, talked to several people who said Little Rock was just totally different Crowd. If you dig Favell, it's tough. It was leased at college town crowd, but little rock was like man that was got going into, uh, the bad parts of the Bronx. I don't mean Yankee state and it was rough. So at least the horns don't have that deal, but but there's still it's going to be rocking and it's going to be read and it's going to be ready. And I think with this kickoff time being laid, a lot of people are going to had, you know 567. Totti's My favorite Texas Arkansas game in Arkansas at Little Rock, I think was the 1987 game. Larry when Texas won 16 to 14 and the Longhorn scored with no time remaining on a pass from Brett Stafford to Tony Jones talk about that game. It was a hellacious Lee. Good game. I remember that. I remember when you used to do those calls for you could do the perfect run. Franklin Countdown on that. Yeah, how to 2015 Texas touchdown, but that that was a game Ron did in 87 Jason that it was a raucous crowd and Texas scored. It was 18 yard pass, No time remaining and the whole place went Totally silent. Remember that Larry? It was awesome, and that's you know, it's funny. I was telling somebody earlier this week, added Jason that To hear that silence. After crowds been going wild in bed, though I remember after having done the locker room shown Well, I said to wait 15 minutes or so to set up. Let the coaches talked to the players. All that stuff, But I remember like an hour and a half later wrapping up and get ready to go out and find my red car and hope it. You know, I was glad I didn't have Texas plates. Thank God. But I walked out and there were still people in the stadium just sitting there with their heads in their hands. It was like that. I mean, there were no booze when the gun went off. It was just silence. Because you know you had a tiny longhorn could dent contingent cheerleaders and like a step version of the band, and that was it, But I mean to shut down that You know, crowd like that. And as you said that little rock game where Tony Jones caught that thing in the middle of about four Razorbacks, and you've got that cutaway shot of Ken Hatfield..

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