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Garfield movies are both confirmed to be in the movie you know and the only way that is possible is if a multi verse situation is playing out so the both movies so bad guys and you gotta bring the good guy k. One mind. I'll take them back. Yeah one would think and so you know it's pretty. They haven't dropped a trillion. That's coming on december so there's no trail yet so a lot of people are speculating. Ed obviously there are waiting for the end of buki to confirm multi-diverse then drop a trailer to have both toby an andrew in it because the multi verse explains that so they're essentially going. They're essentially going into the spider verse live action spider verse to an extent. I think i think it's denied denied it but i think that's probably going to be the case. You can only deny so much like a lot of people thought it was happening after this multi verse. Being born is just like device on the coffin like. There's no way they're not gonna try to do to try to do the spire man despite verse type of thing you'd be you'd be easy to miss out on this train especially because i mean like the while i it's so good like okay. Let's take that action spiderman in general is one of the. Is you know in all types of media..

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