Yalahow, Yamaha, BMW discussed on Asymcar - 38: Four Wheel Talisman?


Part in the middle where you can have the thin parts at the end and a thin parts uh like at the very high end may be aviation obviously offlimits uh but maybe i'll construction vehicles offroad vehicles agricultural vehicles then he you know then you go below that in terms of these mostly vehicles that are not designed for for above certain speeds and also you go beyond below that even two two wheels to is a whole different story dozen touch exacerbates we discussed moments ago bone small walled gardens you know the the bmw target potentially sweb accomplish where you yet what a console data can come in and with a platform actually offered the we needed to the foam business no individual phone maker like a pilot or something com could establish standard but when you establish standard at the low end and you demonstrate uh you know across the entire category that you can actually create a platform then you start to move up and that's that that's the question is it is an open question can you actually penetrate into the car market yalahow's another case in point i mean yamaha makes atvs they only might make cars they talked gordon murray gird murray license the power of the you know gave them a designed for fourcity car and they could enter into the market and and so the the you know that would be the path that someone who is outside of the core and maybe you just waits to get into the court the very very end what's you establish herself i like to go back to the very beginning of the industry what the for the first cars were actually basically uh quarter cycles there were there were bicycles uh sidebyside with the motoring between.

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