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Uh-huh. Remember Nine Did Oh Oh Once, again it's time for yesteryear a look back at your favorite, dramas westerns, comedies and musical variety shows from the golden age of. Radio here's your host for. Yesteryear Craig Robertson dime once again to settle into your favorite easy chair for another hour of. Radio later, on we'll investigate with crime classics and the born brothers and the. Hangman's but I on the lighter. Side let's head on down to Summerfield and pay a visit to the great. Gildersleeve the great Gildersleeve is by Harold Terry while working on fibber McGee and Molly and found the character became so popular that in August of nineteen forty one Gildersleeve Brooke away for his own Sunday night program on. NBC. Great Gildersleeve is believed to be the first radio program based on supporting character from another show as the program approach its tenth. Birthday Heru, Perry who grew tired of a role eventually dropped it into Perry, shoes came, Willard water who's? Interpretation With so much like the original it was startling carries last. Program is Jim nineteen fifty on the program returned in September of that year Waterman was Gildersleeve for the nineteen fifty four fifty five season the program turned away fifteen minute daily offering each episode loosely connected throw returned. To. Thirty minutes weekly in nineteen fifty five or continued on Thursdays until nineteen Fifty-eight return with us now to those fabulous days of. Yesteryear with, the great Gildersleeve from April of nineteen Forty-five another classic program from, the radio, vault of yesteryear Vote Sally Suspense and the Whistler Strong Doughty The great. Gildersleeve you. Bet ABC's company makers of Parque March run on the complete line of famous quality products presents herald is the great Gildersleeve graph brings you the great Gildersleeve. Every week at this time John Wiedeman Sam. More, with music by. Claude sweet Let's see what goes on in. Summerfield Oh yes Column of the Summerfield indicator appears? This item Social season swing these days and everything is one of the highlights of the season occurred last evening at the charming home of prominent MRs Leila ransom Who's opposed to the war effort but an informal reception and buffets in Honor of getting ahead of, our story let's go back a day Let's go back a day and up one slide to the bedroom of truck Morten, p, Gildersleeve where that prominent figure finds himself. Cornered by his niece nephew How about it you've been putting it off and putting it, all And this is the data collecting a close the high. School sending a? Track around just a minute one at a time You do not we divided evenly I wanted to time one at. A time, one at, a time I mean. Excuse me but It is I'm getting the clothes ready for the. Malls you, got to, care Yes I've got a few things in my closet. Here My uncle March you'll never wear that tuxedo again? And why don't you give that to the dry Wait a minute Lira pick. Up that up cdo Pick. It up gone bring it here Look at, my goodness I'd, have, to close it Young won't care just for that. I think you ought to give. It to me I needed more than she does if, we bring fifty pounds of food for the. Drive we get a free. Ticket.

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