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I was there constantly reminding him of this stuff in and sometimes it was a little much for him i think the idea that uh somebody could implant and instruction uh you know this is a some other kind of intelligence you're not supposed to know about this don't tell anybody about it i mean we now know that in the abduction scenario but it's a legitimate question to ask whether or not the whole thing was made up at implanted by intelligence agencies as so i don't know just yeah in their own said i think uh uh follow that line of reasoning be good it's it's something that we have to be considered a possibility it personally i don't think it's like we did it could all be related to that i knew string theorists simply too many contacts too many people too much for a variety of g oh too much variation once described over much too large of a geographical area because we're talking about the entire earned basically and i just i just don't see it i but i do think it's quite possible then a certain amount of it is coming from when i see it i mean uh abduction phenomenon a certain amount of this phenomenon i think it's very possible that some of that is coming from the government i i guess uh i guess we even we can even see that with certainty because of some things that have come out uh including uh what came out in um jacques villeneuve has written about some of this uh meraj men uh by mark pilkington documents some amazing examples of this we're uh uh let's see for example the uh air force intelligence eight phones he um actually uh you know that story the i do yeah we we've talked about it i mean they infiltrated a ufo organizations cia included uh um even became elected officers and some of the organization spied on you off over searchers and spread this information stories we're talking with david bore about his book no return you off ball duck shen or koeberg operation when we come back we'll open up the phone lines amer and lake in palma from mateen seventy lucky man take us into the break this staying the most powerful names and talk are heard right here on talk radio six eighty wcbm baltimore.

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