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I can't even do it itself. Funny. Kingsley, Kiki and Christian Kirksey. Where the same guy, admit it. You were one of them, right? Yodo Watto abetted I or better yet, if you knew that there were two guys who had names, it sounded exactly the same. How many of you could have said which one played? What position? How many of you could have done that? Nobody. Well, I mean, I actually could have, but I didn't have it. He wasn't the only reason I do it prior to this is that Christian Kirksey made about half the team's tackles of the first two weeks, and he's the guy that went down. And tie. Summer's finally got to play and you're inside linebacker is always going to make a million tackles. That's the old blank Martinez position and they brought in Kirksey and he's just been spectacular verse. Dewey's got hurt by summer's came in and played great. Kingsley Kiki is the defensive lineman who I had to play a considerable in the because of the Kenny Clarke Situation Self Kingsley, Kiki and Christian Kirksey. So it's like you're like a baby talk in there the other thing because there weren't any preseason games. Some of these guys that either newer in their second year are somewhat unfamiliar to Packer fans. You do see you get the sense that in a couple of areas they have had pretty good, significant roster upgrades. If I had one criticism about the Packer game last night eyes actually wondering whether or not a J. Dylan was inactive. Given the fact that in the short yardage plays they would not bring him in and The coaches credit, LeFlore admitted he probably should have had him in the game in a couple of situations. A. J. Dylan is that Unbelievably powerful. He's still the third string running back, but he could play it. This place where Jones is just running into the line and couldn't get through some of those tackles. I think Probably Dylan should have been in there, but Only three weeks of the season and they you know they don't want a fumble in a short Arctic situation went with experience and so on. All right, the Wauwatosa situation. As I mentioned late last week. Republican state Senator Del Kanga and Republican State Assemblyman Rob Hutton, both of whom have a portion of Wauwatosa. In their districts. Made an offer to Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride. We don't know when the decision is coming, but I could tell you there's just rumblings that it's imminent like today, tomorrow. Still, there was some talk last week, but you're going to get a decision from Milwaukee. Kanda district attorney John Chism's office on whether or not there'll be any criminal charges against Officer MENSA for the Mayfair shooting, and given the fact that that shooting just seemed to be an obvious case, not only of self defense but a police officer doing his job I can't even fathom even with the Democratic district attorney Events that would be charged, But there is certainly fear that Wauwatosa is going to be lit up if that occurs. So quiet. And Hutton offered to intervene and use their connections all the way up to the White House. After all, that they're Republicans to see if you can get Some federal assistance to come into Wauwatosa to be prepared for this. This thing has played itself out, as you might guess, given the fact that the mayor of Alberto's, even though he's elected, nonpartisan, Dennis McBride is a Democrat. I'm going to share with you first. We're going to do this chronologically. I'm going to read the letter, written by Quanah and Hutton read the response from Mayor McBride and then the response to that from Senator Clay. Go So the first piece here was written. Late last week. Dearman McBride In recent months, the Wauwatosa community has been badly disrupted by unrest and riots, ostensibly related to the situation involving Officer Joseph MENSA. This unrest was characterized by disorderly behavior. Lawlessness in a riot outside the home of officer men's and which meant it was harassed, hectored and a shotgun was fired into the home where Children were living. Businesses have been disrupted and the livelihood of their owners threatened. Residential neighborhoods have been upended in many longtime residents of the city of Wauwatosa are left feeling their community is no longer a safe place to live, work and raise a family. It is our understanding that a charging decision in the case of Officer MENSA will be announced stood. This raises the possibility of additional unrest and rioting that would further disrupt the Wauwatosa community and bring our community. One step closer to becoming a national stage for rioting behave riotous behaviour like we've seen in Kenosha. Therefore we are requesting that you immediately reach out to Governor Tony Evers to arrange for National Guard assistance and President Donald Trump to secure federal law enforcement resource is to ensure that the lawlessness that we've seen in the past doesn't further disrupt our commitment and communities and businesses. We are pleased to assist in coordinating these efforts with the potential for agitators about side, the Wauwatosa community and the state of Wisconsin. Joining possible arrest. We expect the decision on Officer Benson. I gained national attention in order to prevent Wauwatosa from descending into chaos and capturing the national spotlight is Kenosha. Did we respectfully ask that a pant plan B Put in place of this time? Deal with potential unrest and riots and again it was signed by Delk. I get robbed Hutton, members of the state legislature. Here's the response. The dentist McBride. Setback. Senators playing and representative Hutton. This is the statement I've been sending out to constituents who apparently have seen the letter that you've sent to them this afternoon Quote since mid July of 2020, the Wauwatosa Police Department. What does the Fire Department Office of Governor Tony Evers have been preparing plans to deal with any unrest that may occur when Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisum Announces whether he will charge Wauwatosa Police Officer Joseph Men with a crime for his shooting of album called while on duty. February 2nd 2020. Earlier this afternoon, I learned that Senator's quite that senator crying, and representative Hutton were planning to send me a letter demanding that the city of Wauwatosa request the immediate mobilization of federal troops and the National Guard even though while it was Wauwatosa is experiencing little unrest, and the district attorney has not issued his decision. I had not received any advanced communication about this from either senator crying a representative Hutton. In fact, neither one of those legislators has ever spoken with me since I became mayor five months ago, when I heard of their intentions, I immediately called their offices and left messages asking them to call me before issuing their letter. I expressed my concern that such a letter issued during a heated political season. Would only heighten tensions in Wauwatosa and lead to more undressed. I'll interject. This has been the concern of McBride all the log ho. What is there anything up? I offered to share the city's preparedness plans with them. Representative Hut never called me and Senator crying and called me a 3:17 P.m. while I was in a meeting that lasted until 4:45 p.m.. They went ahead and set me their letter it four or three without speaking to be It is not certain when the district attorney will issue his decision. Nevertheless, the city of Alberto's is prepared to protect the lives and property of all residents and businesses. Welcome while continuing to protect the First Amendment rights of citizens to engage in peaceful protests, I'll interject that I have seen almost no peaceful protests and Wilma Tosa and almost none that didn't violate laws given the nature of Senator quiting, his representative Hutton's and demands Their failure to call me an advance to discuss their intentions and the timing of their letter. One could conclude that there letter was intended for political purposes..

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