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Don come seats professor fish is giving a lecture welcome back the university of michigan were still docket college football why because we love the game so much any yesterday huge announcement actually thursday now yesterday but huge announcement and we had nine hundred eighty seven players that have been inducted to the college football hall oh fame this passed thursday seventy five more players from division one ninety eight players from the lower divisions were nominated six coaches from fbi s and thirty one coaches from the lower ranks i'm not going to deal the lower ranks i don't want to talk about the lower ranks could go on for ever if i work i'm going to go out of bed through the list who i think should make it in to the college football hall of fame and of course gotta start with morten andersen placekicker poor michigan state 1980 one first team all american who left michigan state as the big tent alltime leader and bill goals forty five i've still standing conference record with a sixty three yard field goal morten andersen hata but he still does morten andersen of any kicker should be in the college football fame it should be him mark bavaro i kinda wiped over him you know you know varo is played with the new york giants was a tight end at notre dame michael bishop no lomas brown florida no terrell buckley florida state defensive back no larry burton florida on perdue split in gone was split and it was a long time ago keith byars though ohio state running back unanimous i deem all american and heisman trophy runnerup led the nation in rushing seventeenhundred and sixty four yards an allpurpose yards over twenty four hundred and one hundred forty four boynton 1984 use of big dan mvp twotime allbig ten selection he ranks fifth alltime at ohio state with forty four hundred yards in thirty two allpurpose charging in over thirty two hundred rushing yards keith buyers was a beast in college football in the mid eighty's you've got to give it to him great car auburn linebacker no mark carrier sc defensive back to now i'm not talking about what they did in the perot's yet yes varo went on to a fine crew appro career terrell buckley.

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