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Do you remember what your aim screen name was? Choco Taco twenty-one stop it that's it. Co Taco twenty one dollars a what was twenty one I just wanted people to think I was just in case I, wanted to sex chat room. Older men. In case. Someone who was older don't worry. It's safe delaram twenty I mine was Candy Kiss Candy Kiss that's cute. I was so pumped because no one else had candidates. I didn't have to be candidates twenty one. You lucked out without share. Seal Madonna. Candidates. There's a seal. Singer some in an airport a couple of years ago. He's amazing. He is under celebrity still underrated he sang at Jaden Tanner's wedding for Bachelor. Wedding and then he was standing outside of the airport and I was standing with him and he commented on my dog and I was like. And I said, Hey, you sang at my friend's wedding. Casual. Yeah. And he was like, who's your friends? Your friends. and. I was like Jane. Tanner from the Bachelor he goes. Oh, that's a crazy world that he goes where you almost show. The Bachelor. He goes get out. You just start asking questions like, is it real? What do they pay you? Yeah I love seal to. He's lovely anyways. What was my question? I don't remember what your Screen name. Oh Yeah. Okay. Got Chocolate talk at twenty one. that. was have you ever had a Choco Taco. What's that I thought it was a low. A low them. Now, there's these things Choco, tacos all my lesbian out there in the community. Jock. It's basically a TACO bad. All the shell of the TACO is made of waffle cone build with. Just did a pelvis, the same. Oh bill that waffle shell with. Vanilla. Ice Cream. Chocolate. Fudge and then. In a shell chocolate in little bow. It's basically like a drumstick for Hispanics. Appealing to the Hispanic community, my family was like Oh. We'll take twenty bucks like we loved him. It was like the girl guy cookies of your generation total I. Don't know what those are. that. Hal. Girl Guy. Girl. Girl Guide girl guide cookies. Girl Scout. Girl Guide US Canadian girl guides how cute little. Dogs guys were very helpful for the blind community. We call them girl scouts here thin mints Simone. alongs or whatever dentist Grow. Guides I learned things. About, like what's Canadian? What's Americans died? It's the same thing I was a Brownie. Call Him Brownie. Brownie and then into girl guide I was a Brownie with my best friend Lindsay and we were so proud. Yeah I actually. Okay. I'm not going to dark, but she was moved best friend who passed away in a car accident. and. will go into dancing with the stars you go. You relive like your whole life and let's start at the beginning where you're born like what's happened in your life who are you as a person and I let got into that and I was like. Oh Yeah. So I'm, not gonNA. Up She means everything to me and she was everything to me and I have a tattoo for her and. Everyone knows traumatic very traumatic everyone that knows bree, who listens to you know break it was our best friend is a whole thing but I'll talk about that another time because it's it's a heavy store it's heavy. Pop tarts and like it's a roles and by the way Gobert love really incredible three. I'm GonNa Steal I'm going to be a comedy here for anyone who knows what I'm doing tweet me and tell me you know. Don't Google it but.

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