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Gandhi's part in your district? Yup. As well. You're one of those thirty thirty individuals. What does that tell you that in in the h c? Contest, you know, it's also confounding because people are really fond of political labels anymore. And that's coming from the party chairman Marion county, so it's it's an interesting time that we're living in and everything from social media to connections that that Republicans and Democrats try to try to keep in their repertoire, it's an interesting time. And and for for fall creek township that I represent in fissures, which is way at the south eastern corner of Hamilton county. There are more Democrats. I go door to door. And I find more Democrats that are living in the district. I represent and so it's it's a new day in Indiana in its due date new day in hemlock county. I'm on a fundraising. A committee if you will raising money for John Calvin who is the corner of Hamlin county, and I don't think we're overly concerned. But it's it's it's something that is never really been this situation in Hamlin county, and and Laura Campbell. The chairman is doing a stellar job of of possibly waking up her organization to the to the fact that we have a challenge is time, and it's just gonna get more. So and the future Mark Rutherford? What does it.

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