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Pandemic. Peru protests and Lima, the capital tonight over the ouster by Congress and President Martin is Cara popular leader lawmakers accusing him of corruption, mainly Students immediately reacted to this. Chuck's Iverson. ABC News Now here's what's happening around the state on Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. Child. Trans, issuing a mandatory chain control for anyone driving along interstate 80, or highway 50 Interstate 80 was covered in slush for miles on Friday, causing some cars to spin out and for traffic to come to a near stop. Authorities say low temperatures overnight will likely cause slush on the roads to freeze over. Thus creating more dangerous conditions. Hey, remember the creek fire? Well, it's 70% contained after receiving some snow yesterday of nearly 380,000 acres burned. This fire started September 4th Full containment expected tomorrow. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, closing again after just one weekend of reopening. Following a spike in covert 19 cases and rides at the amusement park shut down indefinitely. That's the news. I'm Phil Farrar. Sacramento traffic and a very pleasant good evening to you. If you're making the drive up in the Sierra, westbound Edie will be reduced to one lane for the did Slope stabilization Project that Farrant You've got long term closers of the fair it on and off ramps expected during the construction. They hope to be done by late next summer. Also up in the Sierra on 80 chains required between King villain The Donner Lake Interchange on 50 no chains required at this time on how we 80 eights, you'll need to chain up between ham station And pickets Junction, Steve her a news at E..

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