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It was at least I'd say He's like a 20 half times through the order guy, get him through two times through and see how he's looking. How many pitches he's trying to do. We gotta watch him guess right. He's more than just the two. You know, they call him five and dive guys that's like old school. But you know, five innings in there out, I feel like my ADA isn't quite that type of guy words with Tampa Bay. A lot of their starters turning other than Blake Snell. Almost all their starters would be. That type of guy is intriguing. How different seems approach that yes, Rocco, you know, work with Kevin Cashen. The guys with the With with the race. It's probably been influence in that. And you know, West Johnson and pitching coach private leaves in it as well, because we talk about the you know the two times through the order thing. And my thing Is this though, innit short, Siri's You get short circuited one game next, you know game too. Everything's on the line, and I think you get it. You have to consider put your mochi in your most talented pitcher out in amount. If he's being effective and see how it goes, Jose Brill says three pitches for breaking balls now. And I'll give it a shot to see if he could know, getyou one more because he ended up bringing in Cody Stay. Shack Who's a CODIS improved now to strike out Guy strikeout rate ticked up to 10.2 per nine innings this year. But he's not. He's not a flamethrower. He's got a little better. But he tried to get two innings outstay check and almost did it, But they create hit the home run against him, and it kind of blew a Broncos plans there so I just think I'm old school. You know, I said I'd talk to Jack Morrison, Frank Viola, and I'm there cursing how pitchers of being used these Asian No eso and influences my theory. Sometimes. Yes, I know. Jack Morris has some opinions on the matter. This is there is one other thing I wanted to ask you about on the postseason series before we get to the other topic and looking ahead for the twins, too, But Byron Buxton didn't start game too. And I was shocked, and I followed what you and some of your colleagues have written. Do we still not really know what happened there? Why he didn't start why he was it seemed like maybe he wasn't really available because I feel like as bucks and goes to some extent. So goes the Twins offense, I think is a fair statement. Keith. I actually that when Bucks is playing well, the twins go from being B plus day. You know, he has at the effect on the lineup. We still don't know. And I've talked to the twins about this. I was like, Can you at least release a statement? Tell us how you felt because this is going to linger during the entire off season. And it's only the first question. We asked him in spring training. If we're allowed to talk to him from 6 Ft away is Yeah, it is good. It's gonna linger and you know we want we want something like that. The linger but That he clearly set was wrong with him. Some people thought that he looked a little weird in Game one when you play, and then we went off to bench, You sat in a dugout in Game two with sunglasses on the entire game. And then keep it. So, you know, conspiracy theory. I'm thinking Did you have a migraine or something? You know it's out. But once again, you're leaving us to use non verbal communication. Try to read body language to determine what's wrong with someone, which is not the way to go. So I'm still talking. It was, but we get boxed in to say something about what he felt off her game to that did not allow him to start that game. Everybody's going to what? So that's a good way to Segway into you something you wrote last week. I guess right after the their Siri's ended, you went through the entire roster eyes called this on startribune dot com. Player by player Look ahead. Will they stay? Or will they go? Because I think it's fascinating for two big reasons, one because I think they have a lot of decisions on players to make and also because we've seen with Derek Salvi and mine there, too. They're willing to turn the roster a little bit there Constant. It's like to me. It's a continuous improvement process, and that often means making moves with players. You might expect them toe hold onto which makes him interesting. It doesn't always necessarily produced them. Ideal results, but it makes him fascinating toe watch, too, so, But let's talk about a few of those players. We could start with boxed in to who I love and I think has still think has superstar potential and sort of had a bit of a weird year this year with barely walking with hitting for all this power, But the biggest thing to me is once again he was hurt a lot, and I just wonder what did they obviously is not going anywhere, but What do you do with a Byron Buxton? Where you know he's an M V p Type player if he could play every day, But you also have to think we can't bank on getting 150 games out of the sky. I don't know. Twins have been trying to figure out if they could make it uniform out of rubber, but seriously, they trust Techniques with bucks in and the biggest thing is him running in the walls and diving after balls and so, um, one they haven't playing deeper. It's like more than 15 ft Deeper. This year, he took Much, much deeper center field, so it cuts down the time it takes to get to the wall. So apparently he won't be supersonic speed like he normally does Right allows him gets an offensive may be gathering stuff. They want him to jump with 2 FT. More often than not bucks there had a habit of watching himself off. One leg is trying me catches Is if he works on jumping with 2 ft. He's got big chance and jumping straight up instead of into a law to little techniques take does that they've tried to get him to employ to try to avoid him also entering himself..

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