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Room. As herald followed Lieutenant greed through the police station. He was careful to keep his expression flat. So far Greb was only asking questions about K, and the graffiti nothing about Edwin and Wilma and herald wanted it to stay that way. There were rumors that police were searching the lake and he knew what they would find their Greb opened another door and casually motioned for herald to step inside ENA was seated across from an investigator her jaw set arms crossed against her chest, an angry brick wall. Herald turned to Greb and demanded to know what was going on. But he just shrugged. Deferring to the other investigator herald search Dina's face trying to determine which version of the truth. He should tell when he hesitated greed cajoled him gone herald, just tell them what you told me what K said at the mention of his mistress's name Enid glared at herald full of spite why had he involved her in this mess. Greb trying to produce again to talk about the threesome cheer repeat what he had said before. In aside and closed her eyes. God how he disappointed her herald took a step toward the door. He said he didn't know what greed was talking about. He hadn't said anything about K the investigator glowered he referred to his notes reading heralds wards back to him. But Harold shook his head resolute. I don't recall saying any of those things grebes seethed. He took heralds arm to escort him out of the room as he passed by his wife herald could see a smile at the corners of her mouth good. He thought for once he done right by her. Greb hammered herald over his recanting a truculent herald accused Greb of trying to confuse and double cross him. He asked if Harold had taken the whites bodies to Harry Strunk lake in his boat herald denied it then said he thought he should call a lawyer, but greed continued did he shoot the Hoyts herald said no did ENA shoot the Hoyts. This made herald even angrier and he vehemently denied the accusation. He was adamant that Iino was in no way involved with anything. Not with the Hoyts. Not with k group continued to press herald. But he shook his head and refused to say another word he demanded to call a lawyer. Coming up the police tried to elicit a confession from herald Nokes now back to the story. On October eleventh nineteen Seventy-three police had a major break in the murder investigation of Edwin and Wilma Hoyt their daughters. Ex-boyfriend forty-five-year-old herald Nokes was now their prime suspect. But he was refusing to answer any more questions without a lawyer. Lieutenant Greb showed him to the phone, but it was not in a place that herald could have a private conversation, even though Greb offered to step away herald declined to make the call. Instead, he asked Greb why he thought herald was involved in the Hoyts deaths group gave him a few details from the investigation that pointed towards him herald thin asked about different aspects of murder charges versus manslaughter and the sentencing associated with each group treated the conversation like a chess match as he answered heralds legal questions. He tried to elicit more details about the murder from him. They talked for another two hours herald didn't say anything that could be interpreted as a confession. But at the end of the conversation he in China were arrested. The next day. The Nokes is lawyer challenged their incarceration police agreed to place them under house arrest. Instead, they could stay with their daughter while police continue their investigation as their own home was now considered a crime scene when they were released herald told sheriff probably I belong in jail. But my wife doesn't. Surprisingly, no, one followed up on that statement. But it does give us a hint of heralds mindset already at this juncture he was thinking about ways to protect INA. Police searched the nukes house the same day, they found a bloody nightgown and dried blood in the laundry room floor, drain. However, the blood on the nightgown turned out to be menstrual and the blood in the drain have come from an animal they found nothing to directly link the Nokes ist to the Hoyts murder. Feeling but the investigation was in trouble, Robert sodden organized a strategy meeting on October twenty six with sheriff Ropley, Lieutenant greed and district attorney, Fred Schroeder. Given the lack of physical evidence there only helped to convict the noses was to elicit a confession. They consulted a forensic psychologist on the best way to do this. He recommended keeping the notices apart from each other to deprive them of a mutual support system. The psychologist cited the fact that herald had recanted his statement about the threesome after being confronted with his wife if kept away from her he might crack under the pressure, but after their brief period of house arrest, a judge at granted the Nokes is request to return home and police currently had no legal costs to keep them separate Sohn's. Next move was particularly strange, though, certainly creative. He found a woman who greatly resembled Wilma height. And with the permission of the children dressed her in some of Wilma's close. He then brought the look alike to a diner. And sat around the counter next to ENA while she was eating lunch. Trying to provoke a reaction, but ITO was once again unflappable never batting an eye in the d'appel kinko's direction. Weeks passed without any significant movement in the case, sauna Nash rotor to file an application to place, a listening device in the Nokes his home. Judge Jack Hendricks granted the order on November twenty first though noted in his ruling that some elements of the required probable cause could be considered here. Say no one else could corroborate case statement that herald threatened her after breaking up telling her she'd be sorry, nevertheless, police bugged the house on December third nineteen Seventy-three while the notes is were at work placing one device in a light fixture in the living room and another in a bedroom. Lamp they were almost discovered that same night as the bug in the living room interfered with the TV's reception. When the Nokes is called a TV repairman about the issue police had to intercept him. Luckily, he fixed the reception with. Thout letting onto their surveillance tapes recorded the Nokes is conversations continuously for almost three weeks. The police had been hoping for a smoking gun confession as it was their strongest avenue to get it conviction. But herald, an INA said virtually nothing about Edwin or Wilma they did discuss the possibility that one or both of them might be charged with murder rather than go to prison or the electric chair herald an made a suicide pact.

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