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Heat, their refreshing smoothies. Of course, their smoothies we've talked about it before and they're delicious scoops, which is their new plant based ice cream scoops are free of additives, preservatives and billers because they're made with hall nourishing organic ingredients like black sesame coconut cream and dragons fruit, and they also have amazing flavors. You guys really need to check it out be perfect alternative to you know usually you. Love a nice ice cream dessert in the summer. It's perfect but you're getting something healthy with daily harvest. Daily harvest is an absolute lifesaver because they help you stock your home with clean delicious food that's built on real fruit and vegetables their firm frozen to in peak nutrients and tastes, and with daily harvest. There's tons of options for any time of the day like I said, smoothies, harvestable flat breads all amazingly delicious. They have such great flavor to them. Obviously I know sometimes you will get worried they're. Like what is it going to have flavor? Is it gonNA taste good. Trust me it tastes delicious and it is ready in just a few minutes. So eating clean food with daily harvest is quick and easy and effortless weather having a night at home or need quick by on the go everything these fresh in your freezer until you're ready to enjoy I think that's my favorite part about daily harvest is that I open up my freezer. I have a mint I have a meal ready to go within. A few minutes and I don't have to worry about waiting for my food to arrive or going to the grocery store. It's just they're ready for me. So keep it simple this summer with daily harvest go to a daily harvest dot com and enter Promo Code. Chicks. To get twenty five dollars off your first box. That's Promo. Code Chicks for twenty five dollars off your first bots daily harvest dot com. Once again, daily harvest dot Com Promo Code Chicks I'm use the Promo Code so you should two..

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