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I'm not not interested in it. But I'm not interested. I kind of feel like that. If we could like do our own celebrity death match about what might be a in love the show and was on. It was always like a funnier idea than the actual show. Right. Okay. So here's here's my counter or pitch to you. Could we cast our own celebrity death match wrestlemainia card like our our spec script for the celebrity death match wrestlemainia? Yeah. I guess we could do that. I mean is that interesting if we're like, okay, how about okay, here's my list. How about this one of people that have like a feud? We get them into the celebrity death match wrestlemainia on the card. Yeah. I think it's worth thing about all right? When the wheel waiting room. Okay. Edwin Johnson says your alien Oregon from last week only proves that you actually need to do the ancient alien season. Three episode seven. Now, ancient alien is more of a recent show though, right? I don't really unfamiliar with it to be honest. I don't know enough about ancient aliens, I had googled it real quick when this had been brought up I think it's like a from only a couple of years ago, ancient aliens, it's from this decade, but they've done a million seasons there up to season thirteen and see some one started in two thousand ten I don't know what they're exactly talking about to hear what season three episode seven is. Or it's called aliens, plagues and epidemics. Oh boy. It's from September eighth twenty eleven. It says this episode suggests that someplace and disease were brought on by pathogens of extra terrestrial origin, examples. Given are sudden pandemics such as the Spanish influenza central areas plague of Athens, the Justinian plague and the black plague which were accompanied by reports of unusual celestial phenomena, and the appearance of strange creatures and objects in the sky, ancient carvings of figures dressed than Witter's suggested to be has meant suits. So this is really look the conspiracy theory. Yeah. Unexplained illnesses that have appeared after meteoroid pacts Ness experiments with bacteria and extreme files that can survive in the extreme conditions of. Space and the recent appearance of unusual medical conditions such as more gallons disease. Now, I'm more gallons disease. I'm slightly familiar with because do you remember the closer for the Mets? Billy Koch very quickly. He was the closer for the Blue Jays more famously. Yeah, he had looked sort of a punk rock vibe going for him. Okay. That's pretty good player for years. I believe he made an all star game or two. He's whole family one day came out and said, they have this more gallons disease. This is in two thousand six and I think most people like the CDC investigated and most people most doctors say, it's not a real disease. It's people's had but his whole family and other families say that it is delusional. He has not been like nothing's come of it since they said it in the last twelve years. I even like Gould it a year to go like nothing. He is. He is sort of not been in the news since then there hasn't been new more gallon stuff. When Morgan's is interesting. He played on the Mets wasn't he on? Oh, you know. He was never on the Mets who is the Blue Jays closer. Who was who is Billy Taylor? Billy Taylor was traded to the Mets one year. When when they were good sorry. He he was the most famously on the Blue Jays. But no he played for the as white socks in malls..

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