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Karen Paddock, Business Owner, Kathleen Legris discussed on The Wellness Business Podcast


The the luke welcome to the wellness business podcast simple strategies to cut through the online noise to fasttrack the growth of new wellness business with karen paddock and kathleen legris welcome back to a another episode of the wellness business podcast is always we're going to rock your socks off because we have a guest today that is an expert in facebook brooks before we get there i want to introduce my lovely co host kathleen legris thank you have lain hickey hereon you know so funny like i know i you know you're a geek when like i have been anticipating elegant or did this not this this topic but to having this guest on like for months so i'm very excited yeah me to meet you so our guest today is a leash us streaker she is a fitness business owner turned the business coach who specializes in helping fitness business owners magnify their impact and streamline their businesses she works closely with people to help them build their businesses that give back to the world woke reading both financial and time freedom leash has belt multiple offline an online businesses from the ground up and now teaches her success strategies insistence two other fitness professionals her website as it pro essentialscom ali shots three girls hey welcome to the wellness business got gives lady thank you so much for having me i'm so excited to be here this is going to be so good and i've had the pleasure of getting snow will be show over the last couple of years and not only is she an incredibly smart businessperson but she's also very giving an supportive of her tribe i've been in her facebook group for a while though it's no wonder she is so highly respected in her industry so it's really an honor to heavy her so uh thanks for taking some time out of your day to hang with us absolutely thank you so much for having me so i know there are many things that you do well and i think one of your superpowers is running a phenomenally high highlyengaged facebook group as part of your overall marketing.

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