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The S. and P. five hundred off forty five WTOP now it's twelve thirty one the coronavirus case count across our region has gone up once again today there are now a hundred and forty nine cases in Maryland one hundred fourteen in Virginia and seventy one in the district bringing the region's total to more than three hundred and thirty right now I knew this afternoon George Mason University student who attended classes in Arlington Virginia has now tested positive for coronavirus the school says it's working with local health department to see if anyone else at the university was in contact with that student meantime a third member of the DC fire department is contracted covert nineteen the fire chief Gregory dean says more than a hundred forty members of the fire department in DC are being monitored by the DC health department and they are now off duty CBS news special report president trump closes the southern border to nonessential travel the northern border the southern border it's being traded they're both being treated equally lot of people say that they're not treated equally well they are painful to measure to to get medical supplies to the front lines secretary of state Mike Pompeii on the latest travel information get countries were commercial departure options remain available U. S. citizens who reside in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States unless they're prepared to remain abroad for an extended time the IRS is move the tax filing deadline to July fifteenth in New York governor Andrew Cuomo made a plea for more ventilators and said one hundred percent of nonessential workers should stay home they will cause businesses to close the loop because employees to stay home I understand that they will cause much unhappiness I understand that also CBS news special report I'm Steve K. fin this is Michelle Miller on Capitol Hill intense negotiations on the trillion dollar economic aid package are now taking place behind closed doors Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says members of both parties have been broken up into groups and tasked with coming to an agreement that could lead to legislation being drawn up over the weekend it's important for us to be on the Senate floor have a motor on Monday but a lot of issues need to be resolved including financial assistance for the airline industry Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer says he's ready to work across the aisle but also cautions we are not going to go for any bailouts unless they are worker friendly on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news WTLV at twelve thirty four.

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