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Yeah. Play that again rewind that just on he made it all dino be bob walls and trumka ford truck and just shots across the bow for bob. Right hey willy not me. I didn't say that but you pick the cell. It just comes right out with the one to bob. You know what there's a song for everything isn't there or is jada just looks up sog about bob and fines willie nelson say bob's does rock limit unbelievable fabric by the way. The text machine is filled with people. Asking me questions to shannon about louisville media. Anybody cares about the person goes can you. Dvr from it. Nobody can go back and watch. I think up to four hours previously right. One person writes mad as ask. Shaded is easy to search from. It is easy. what's next. We're not hurting his show into shannon anything ullmark for media box from shane. You brought it up not me no. It's interesting it is interesting. Apparently the phillies have one eight row. Ryan well they are hot then. They're getting done so let's name some phillies you got. We mentioned the ones earlier. Mike schmidt was philly. Steve carlton was a philly. Yup was it. Pete rose affiliate for awhile. Yeah yeah who. Else glenville duve. Doug guy infielders a good call. Good if i bring up doug glanville awesome. I know what. I talk while i'm talking. Got another one to remember closer. Mitch williams oh mitch williams. That's right he was a wild thing he was and he gave up that homerun to joe. Carter carter that's right with somebody was really a big deal. And then he gave up in pretty much ended his career didn't it. Yeah he got to wild and then they had to let them go. Who else ryan's give me some more phillies. I think tug mcgraw was philly goldman. You're going to give you tug mcgraw. Yeah yeah that's tim mcgraw's dad right correct. Yeah well i before we get to the phones ryan. They did the Open practice. i didn't get to go. So i'm going on secondhand information but ryan. I seem to hear a lot of people. say look. if you watch that open practice. It's going to be we'll lettuce joey. Gatewood actually play pretty. Well maybe as a head now but it's clear where this is going. It's going to be will lettuce. Did you hear similar. Yeah what i heard was. If joey gatewood we can win with him but we'll lettuce us is better than joey gatewood. So we're we're both the guy i talked to. You said they both look good to be honest because we went with. Joey will eleven. The guy they i think the big takeaway for people who went was they threw the ball downfield for the first time. You look like you had a downfield passing game. Josh ali got a couple of big catches. One del not downfield but short passes and then the kind of story because we didn't know who he was really was rashawn. Lewis whose ray lewis's son and is a walk on two bombs from we'll let us over forty yards each. And i gotta be honest when i read that. I didn't even know he was released and it was on his team to be is with. Yeah i didn't either. But yeah he obviously open is big enough where they wrote a story on him on ks or this weekend. So we'll think about you. Get this kid. You don't know who twice. They go deep with him. He beats the db catches bombs. You're gonna get it. They're gonna talk about him right. Yeah something. We haven't had if they think they can be that guy. Now you've got rashawn lewis media guy. Epat could be that. They're thinking he might be that guy. They've got options now for to downfield threat so i got the sense in talking to people that there was just a lot of optimism about what you saw from..

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