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Where you are, has been an absolute disaster injuries everywhere. You could argue the MetLife Stadium led the league in tackles today because of all the injuries there went down between the 40 Niners and the New York Jets Get in early 855 to 1 to four, CBS 855 to 124227 Sunday night football going on right now with Seattle in New England. We've got a game to of the Western Conference finals, where the Lakers have a thought It was going to be just a two point lead, but the old Joker literally almost airballed one But it's Lakers 100 Denver 96. Lakers haven't scored in about the last two minutes or just under That, and the amazing story that is the Denver Nuggets continues as it it kind of looked like the Lakers might have had him at one point, And here comes Denver showing that great resolve coming back twice. Down 31 and the Joker just hit a three. So with a minute to go, it's a one point game Lakers are up 199 104 to go. That's in Game two of the West Finals. I get a little bit to get in on that as well. I didn't wantto know hit you with a a bit of a LeBron question, because when you look at these three remaining teams, LeBron is far away. The superstar who not only in my opinion would have the most impact on a nightly basis. But LeBron is also the guy. With the most that stake in terms of his legacy, winning another championship. I mean, just think about it. How delicious wouldn't be. Even if you're a LeBron hater, Lakers Celtics, eh? NBA finals with LeBron involved Now you're talking. I mean, that's adding another layer to the legacy off LeBron James and his fantastic career, So we'll keep an eye on what's going on in the old West Finals in Hey, man, maybe Denver finds a way. To win this game two and then they become very live in this Siri's I know from a degenerate e betting standpoint, the Denver was plus 4 50. Maybe even plus 4 75 to win the Siri's. There are massive underdog. So if you were maybe backing some bets and thinking, Okay, these people might pull it out one more time. Yeah, you might throw 50 bucks on that toe back. Whatever kind of wagers you might already have existing around LeBron James of the Lakers. So again, we'll keep an eye on that course Week two of the National Football League season. Ah, sadly produced a bunch of injuries and I mean, we're not just talking about average players here. Giants running back, say Quan Barclay is believed to have tourney his A C L. Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepherd, a toe injury. 40 Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. He has an ankle injury. The fear for 40 Niners defensive end Nick Bosa is that he blew out his knee. 40 Niners defense events. Solomon Thomas and Runningback. Raheem Mostert, most of started the game with an 80 yard touchdown run, ended up leaving the game with any injury. Broncos quarterback Drew lock with a shoulder and by the way before Barclay blew his knee out, it looked like he'd either maybe popped his elbow or a jacked up his shoulder a little bit on the play before on a tackle, where he went down hard on his his arm Bent funny, cold safety Molly Cooker Viking Linebacker Anthony Barr. Rams running back Cam Acres Jets wide receiver Breshad Perriman Falcons. Right tackle Caleb McCarry Dolphins corner, Byron Jones. These were among the many Hell, There's been three injuries and two to the safety position in the Patriots Seahawks game going on right now. So injuries have ruled the day in the National Football League. And this is something that for me, I absolutely 100% fought was coming. There is no way you can train your body to be able to deal with the physicality of the National Football League by going through an amended spring, an amended training camp. Where there are no games where there is no really competition. It's competition and what a job and held for 45 guys on most rosters. They knew they were going to be on the roster. Because new guys we're going to have a chance to be able to come in and bump them from their spots because they had no way to showcase themselves other than in practice. That's why we've seen teams who would let guys out of there rookie class, knowing that they could get him on the practice squad because maybe no one wants them. And maybe there's your beauty in the eye of the beer holder a situation but Yeah, Patriots are a perfect example. They cut the fifth round kicker just Aurore Wasser, bringing back to put him on the practice squad, And they got him and Nick folk to kind of bounce back and forth between just how many times do they wantto make the transaction or do they bring the young kid up a tsung point? If Nick full can't do the job, So if you're a vested veteran or veteran, you're new. You automatically had an advantage in a training camp like this, and now you've got it. Maybe some shoddy turf in certain situations. You know, guys that might be slipping and sliding because they just haven't been able to get their feet literally underneath of them in terms of trying to play football, trying to play fast. There's a lot of factors. There's a lot of factors going on. In terms of guys getting hurt and some of the results that we're seeing today and, Yeah, I kind of hit the old injuries, but let's get to the overall The results today in the NFL because we had something happened. That happened in the NFL.

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