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Restrictions and other district disruptions from the outbreak or middle Tennessee continues to clean up from the devastating tornadoes of twenty four hours ago a warning from the National Weather Service there could be more tornadoes himself we can't rule out warm perhaps somewhere in the south east near the Gulf coast Florida panhandle southern Alabama Georgia area overnight meteorologist Roger Edwards of the severe storms forecast center says though they do not expect anything on the magnitude of the twister that struck Nashville and then again about eighty miles east in Putnam County Tennessee now pegged at an EF three tornado with winds of the one hundred fifty mile an hour range one bit of good news the number of people killed by the Tennessee twister has dropped by one is about twenty four another sanctuary showdown is brewing north Hampton county in eastern Pennsylvania issuing an order barring federal agents from making arrests at the county courthouse after a man was arrested Tuesday for immigration violations after his hearing on a drunk driving arrest object Callahan this is fox news in January of twenty seventeen I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and within twenty four hours of that diagnosis we found ourselves here in Memphis it's a G. they knew what they were doing they knew how they were gonna trader they laid out this elaborate plan we didn't know what the future was or if there even was a feature St Jude there was not that long ago the survival rate was four percent four percent to do the work in research it seems you does that's how ninety four percent you know how that can don is through donations getting behind this mission the no child dies in the dawn of life St Jude children's research hospital finding cures saving children learn more at Saint Jude dot org this is a tragic day in our state a sad day there are twenty five confirmed fatalities across our state from West Tennessee to East Tennessee I spent the day touring and visiting with victims and walking through neighborhoods and the devastation is.

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