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M Productions. Welcome to Tom Moore Show. This is Dr Tom Maronick, too big topics for tonight. We could talk about other things, but there's two big topics. Number one obviously is Trump test positive for Corona Night Corona 19. He's airlifted to Walter Reed Hospital. We're getting mixed messages as to his condition. A lot of things to talk about there in terms of his cavalier attitude, the consequences there of the other big thing we want to talk about, which obviously came up before the the Corona virus. Is that debacle that was thie debate on Tuesday night? I mean, it was a train wreck, and particularly for Trump, but basically everybody, So we want to talk about those Trump and Walter Reed and the debate anyway. Your thoughts my thoughts Tom Moore showed for 1092266. Thiss talk radio 6 80 wcbm. Get ready for the real deal. Baltimore time Now for the Tom or show. Welcome back more short, Fallen 09 to 668 Let me get it out right.

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