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Coach money Williams just couldn't make sure it's not about that frustrated us a bit that happens to every team, and they physically get after you. Came for Sunday afternoon Staple center. We're going to talk more about the game. Actually, we love sports coming up in about 20 minutes or so coronavirus in Arizona. It's called social desire, ability, bias, and it could be the motivation for you to keep wearing a mask. Even if you're fully vaccinated respondents C 62% of other people in public places wearing masks. However, when we asked all these respondents, how often would you say you Personally would were master face covered in. Oh, the responses are much higher. Mike Noble with O H predictive insights. Reports 83% and the CDC calculates the nation could reach 70% full vaccination rates by September by Johnson Johnson SNAFU, For example, that it happened we would've reached at 70% threshold. By the middle of June, the FDA froze J and J to investigate possible links to blood clots and deaths. Peter same or Katie Air News state prisons will begin allowing visitors again. And the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation and Re entry is resuming in person visitation. Starting June, 19th will be limited to two adult visitors and one minor child or three people. The department's Judy King says visitors will be required to wear a mask and we are going to be operating our visitation rooms at 15% capacity so that we can avoid overcrowding, she adds. In person, Attorney visits and volunteer service activities will also be allowed again, plus work programs for inmates. Are resuming next Saturday grizzled the city..

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