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At Baltimore daughter work 7 47 Times. Jeffries and don pray there. Listen, Governor Greg Abbott says he will sign a bill known as the back the Blue Act that would allow cities within the state to well. It will not allow him to reduce police budgets to reallocate the funds without a city citywide vote and habits, says those politicians in places that defund the place. They will They'll regret this Come Election time Texas Is stepping up to make sure we as a state provide safety for communities. But you will see consequences of the ballot box for the cities as well as communities and states do not step up and provide the safety that their residents deserve. Yeah, that's Greg Abbott. He was on Fox last night. Now the Texas House of Representatives. They passed this bill and the Texas Senate committee is debating the bill. Meanwhile, is you know, crime is spiking and has been for many months across this nation and Minneapolis. Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Even in Austin, Texas. All of these cities you know, managed by very Progressive City Council's Here's the mayor really is an ideological issue, baby. Look at all these. You could call it Democrat rumba candidly. It's not It's socialistic Lee run cities like in Portland, where they just wanted to turn the city over to the residence for the residents to be in control of what's happening in the city with no policing leadership whatsoever. You saw the same thing with regard to that particular zone and Seattle and things like that. A zwelling what you've seen happen in New York City. And if you do not have policing that you will have a greater danger. You will have greater crime. It just makes sense. And that is exactly why Texas Stepping up to ensure that we're gonna be providing policing in our communities as well as across the entire state. Yeah, there you go. That's Governor Greg Abbott yesterday on Fox News. It really can't happen soon enough. This country is in big, big, big danger certainly are in city. It's in big danger on. I'm hoping that this is going to be rectory retroactive. Since we've already started to funding, police are moving funds around. Ah and and reimagining police as they call it, or which more accurately should be ruining police on DMA aching the city less safe, so I hope it's retroactive for for for us. Jump in at 51283605 90 Austinites apparently are welcoming the news that Oscar winner and Bongo Player on minority owner of the Austin FC, Mr Matthew McConaughey, reportedly considering a serious run to the governor's mansion. McConnell. Hey, supporters say he offers a centrist alternative to governor Greg Abbott. And it is demonstrably more popular, they say in recent Ost oniy a polls. 56% of the respondents said they would give Matthew McConnell Hayes bid a green light. Yeah. Now, his opponents mostly agree with this assessment, But they worried that McConnell hates campaign could divert voters away from more progressive candidates like backed all. Rourke, who's considering and now Ah, run again and wants to. Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson. The first time this heart Oh, and there's well, they're they're in the minority. However, recent poll conducted by the Dallas Morning News in the University of Texas a toddler found that McConnell Heywood beat Abbott 45% to 33% with 22% opting to watch Somebody else. Well again. I will say this. If you're going to do it, then then do it and and be serious about it. Don't don't do. This is some kind of Ah, stunt where we're not really sure what you're doing. We want to know exactly what you're doing. Exactly what you won't accomplish exactly how you want to lead BB and and and don't drag this out forever. This either do it. Or not, he's gotta change his his delivery the way he sounded at that NASCAR race over the weekend, it Koda, you know, starting the race. Kind of embarrassing. Ryan plans ER. He's 30. 80 lives in Austin and his after lived in Austin for decades in the story on the US, Tony. He recently tweeted out that he would do whatever is needed to support Makana Hayes administration despite the actors vagueness on his political beliefs, Hey says, I really don't know much about anything about his position on any of the matters. I'm just mostly concerned about including things like climate change and gun control, But I know that he couldn't be any worse than Abbott. Is what he tells the Ost oniy in this Twitter. Glassner, who described himself as left of center voted for Elizabeth Warren. That's not left of center. That is way out there. That is that is nowhere near the center. Apparently supported Elizabeth warning. The 2020 Democrat primary compared to McConnell hated Biden and a popular centrist who Biden's interest. I know that's what they wanted to say before the election, but he has proven to be everything that is out there far in the deep left hemisphere. He's way up there, Color Warren left of center and then Biden centrist. He's way the heck out there. They've got their bearings. Way off. Apparently place is not alone In this assessment. His wife Lauren supports McConnell. Hey, I think people support McConnell. Hey, Because it would be cool to support Matthew McConaughey. Exactly exactly right. That Z cold, hard truth. Well, that is simply uneducated. Well, that's simply dumb. And but I'm telling you, and you know what If that happens, we get what we deserve. Tell you, I'll tell you. That's right. But I will listen. Tell me what you want to do. Tell me why you want to do it. I just wonder how he feels about border issues, guns, things like that. Oh, I balancing the budget, transportation education. We could go. How does he feel about the electrical grid? Well, the illegal flow of people in this Of Texas has not slowed down. I wonder what Matthew and thinks about this Well. The border reporter Sandra Sanchez, reports from a location that's been very popular with smugglers over.

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