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Are not seeing people coming back into social care now. We are not being able to recruit easily despite a recruitment campaign. These are things that should have been done 6 months ago. So it is a bit late in the day. And when you look at the vacancy rates within care homes, where some people have done that in order to be able to deliver safe care. Then I think what we also have to think about is how long will that viability of that business last? People will have to go. And I absolutely understand your listeners view around wanting somebody who's doubly vaccinated to come into the service. And I think we wouldn't disagree with that at all. We'd like that to happen. But when they're going into hospital setting, people are not doubly vaccinated or not vaccinated even once. And what we have to think about is in the care sector, is if there are no staff, we can't deliver the care. So if there's no staff, there's no care. That's the reality of it. Let me read you a couple more messages which have come in Ming Ho says on Twitter still struggle to understand why care staff who indeed put their lives at risk, working without PPE, now refuse protection of the vaccine. Yes, it's just one part of protecting residents, but it's a key part. Why is unfairness re the NHS more important? And when Jeffrey says this discussion is on the wrong track. It's not a question of discrimination, far more important is the moral imperative that if you're working with vulnerable people, you should be vaccinated. Nicola, just a final point, at the moment, if people are medically exempt, they can do that by themselves, can't they till the 24th of they can self exempt effectively tilt Christmas Eve after that they'll need to be medically exempt by a practitioner, do you worry that the situation could then get worse at Christmas? Absolutely. I mean it's warrior. I worry now. The situation now I kind of expressed enough is chronic at the moment. We know locally, we know nationally. There's a huge shortage of skilled professional care workers. And we do worry about what winter looks like. And that absolutely will get worse. Come December 24th. Thank you both so much for speaking to us this morning you heard that from Nicola Richard's director of palms row healthcare in Sheffield and all certain natural Ahmed chairwoman of the national care association. Now, dame rose tremaine is a novelist a short story writer. Her first book Sadler's birthday was published in 1976 when she was 32. She'd been writing since she was ten years old. In an effort she said to fill the void left by her father when he walked out on his family. She gets called a historical novelist, but her subjects actually range far and wide and are often contemporary. Restoration probably her best known work, but her new one is called lily. It's a tale of revenge set in Victorian London, baby Lilly is abandoned outside a park, but is rescued by a young policeman. I'm delighted to say she joins me now in the studio good morning. Hello. Thank you so much for coming..

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