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Eight fifty F T, Al West Palm Beach. Coral Springs lake worth. From ABC news on President Trump trying to keep the tales of meetings with Russian President Putin secret. According to the Washington Post ABC's, George Stephanopoulos is actually one little nugget. There was quite surprising. I think it was coming out of the Hamburg meeting. The interpreter did was able to brief before the president stopped at some other administration officials and reported that when Vladimir Putin denied interfering in our elections, President Trump said, I believe you congressman Steve Scalise. Louisiana Republican on President Trump denying a New York Times report that the F B I opened an investigation to see if Mr. Trump was working for Russia. You've seen time and time again with sanctions with other things a President Trump standing up against Russia. This whole idea of collusion. They've investigated this the Muller investigations going on for over a year, they found no collusion between Trump and Russia. Senate confirmation hearings expected to begin this week for President Trump's attorney general nominee Senator dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat. On the judiciary committee on the Russian vista Gatien. Bill bar volunteered. Information in the past volunteered, basically saying the president shouldn't be subjected to this kind of investigation, and I'll just tell you. That's the first line of questioning you can expect for most of the people on the pale Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, Republican urges President Trump to reopen. The government tried to negotiate a deal with Democrats before declaring a national emergency. Investigators in Wisconsin say they're looking for a motive of the alleged kidnapper of thirteen year old Jamie Kloss, Jake Patterson, also accused of killing her parents ABC news contributor and former FBI agent. Brad Garret these guys are driven by fantasy and obsession and what happened is. However, he figured out who she was decided made a plan to abduct her and hold her and entered the house, obviously cordons of police killed a family in need. He took her away. So all of that part was planned. You're listening to ABC news. It's.

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