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Jenner question for me bread because do like to try and help people if i can okay so picture this you you have a fan who is a biologist. But like an explorer and they've done into the amazon or into the jungle in australia or somewhere in the world and they found a new species. What would you want that species to be. And they're your fans so they want to name it after you. So what is that animal. It could be a plastic the mineral if you really want but what would it be named. And what would it be the first to plant or mineral be a plant or mineral i despise plants and minerals own salad and i think rocks are huge waste of time and should be crush into the smallest size pasta i do. I've always been fifty you have. I've been Anti-iraq my whole life. What do they do. they're just there and everyone's like. Oh look at iraq know what an important position. Yeah well sorry. I like to stake out controversial positions. And i'm not afraid. I get some online hate for my anti-iraq views but i'll stick by them. Brennan first of all i love. Who said picture this. Imagine there's a fan and then you described yourself to a t. woman whose dad designs a dog toy. Let's call it a glong and let's just imagine if you will that she studied reptiles and maybe going to study reptiles again and go to say australia. Leoni place you've been so you're not fooling anyone. Brennan it's clear that that was your way of telling me you're a huge fan and you just were too embarrassed to say it. I think yeah. Got you what i want i would want. I have to say when i was over in australia. I love those animals that just sort of hang around. You know like your slots or year. What's the one that wallas. I like a real chill animal. But i think that most people wouldn't associate that with me now so it's probably going to have to be some kind of a lemur a lemur with darting steep shammy is yeah and it's like me. It's hyped up it thinks way too much. It's it's on something in its hyper. It doesn't live as long as other mammals but it's super jittery and it's got a lot of ideas and it talks too much that animal that i would want my describing animal that actually exists based off of what you're saying like short lived caggiano goes for or never said i never saw. I.

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