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This SYS- Kelly with two brads talking politics. Part of the dumb cast family of podcasts. And I am today with Richard Ojeda. Hello Richard Doing Great Tower you. I'm doing great so I think a lot of people probably at least somewhat know who you are but maybe just to sort of set the stage for a little bit. Tell me a little a bit about Your your background your time in the State Senate in West Virginia well. I grew up in Logan County West. Virginia and I entered the military after graduation. I spent twenty four years in the military and I served with some of the most amazing leaders that I think Anyone could serve with and when I retired from the military I was absolutely devastated at what I saw when I returned home to the place that I grew up in and realize that that the leaders that I had served within the military were not like the leaders that I found when I got home and what I mean by that is i. I found a bunch of people that had their hand in the cookie jar. Making plenty of money while everybody else was struggling. There was a lot of things that you could tell. Were not being addressed. I though were serious issues so I decided to start challenging these folks and and that's what I did. I ran for state Senate at an and two days prior to winning my seat. I was lured away from a political gathering of from a person that wanted some bumperstickers and I ended up getting hit in the back of the head with a pipe and roll over when I was unconscious and they broke eight bones in my face with brass knuckles. They pretty much knew that that. If I didn't die on that Creek Bank would be the next state senator and two days later At one mass Senate race from the Emergency Room of Charleston Area Medical Medical Center as a state senator in my first legislative session. I was told to not even think of pushing the medical cannabis cannabis bill but I went ahead and told them that I could care less what they thought that. I thought this was something that the people of my state desperately needed and I got the people behind me and in my first legislative session I was able to make West Virginia. The twenty state to become legal for medical cannabis the very next legislative legislative session. It was my speech that lit the match on the teacher. Strike that spread across the country. So I'm very proud of the of the things games that I was able to do. While in a while as a state senator. I think that I was able to fight to get corrections not one but two pay raises. This and I brought a lot of things to light and I fought a lot of a pretty tough fights but these were things that needed to be a fought even though some of them are lost sometimes. Sometimes you have to steal get in the fight. Even if you know that you're a you're you know you're probably not one to come out victorious but you gotta you gotTa let people know that it's a fight that needs to be fought and so speaking of that you ran for Congress in twenty eighteen gene and although you didn't win the election you managed to swing that district quite alike. You talk a little bit about that. Well you know when we decided to run for Congress. RECE- We pretty much knew that it was going to be up. You'll battle it was like an are plus fifty four pretty much impossible for someone to run as a Democrat Democrat but like I said I think that you know it doesn't matter I'm used to being the underdog I've always been the underdog so we fought that battle and we were able to turn more red votes blue than any congressional race in the country. We were number one out of four hundred thirty. Five races is in turning red boats blue but we still lost because you know this was an area and the truth is is actually winning. I was up by seven points and then of course donald trump come down here and fired everybody back up again you know and I ended up losing the race but once again you know we we did everything right. You know my opponent. They kept her away from the microphone. There was a lot of things that were done. My medical records were stolen from the. Va a by people that worked at the Va.. So you know. We're in the middle of of that situation right now as well where the main person that stole. Medical records is actually goal. It is actually going to be sentenced in January. But you know we fought. We fought the good fight Sadly the next day after my congressional race Saluto Washington DC. And I was on a show called the he'll rising and a woman approached me and she said you don't know me but I work for the Republicans Looki- and she told me that it was her responsibility to keep my opponents out of the view and the eyes of anybody that had a microphone because they knew if if she actually spoke than people would not vote for so they kept her silenced and the only thing she ever did it was basically say I'll do whatever donald trump once and unfortunately in southern West Virginia. That's all it took to basically have people. Oh jump and caster votes towards her. So what do you think was sort of the the reason that you were successful in getting so many voters I flip like. What's the you know? I think when people think of West Virginia they think of this red state I grew up in Ohio and I think of West Virginia as a union unstaged should be a democratic state. So what what's going on there. Why why this sort of disconnect between what may be we think it should be in? How are you able to flip voters well first off? The Democrats had control of West Virginia for eighty some years. And I tell people all the time you know how come. The Democrats lost power because they sucked you know. Just because person says he's a Democrat doesn't mean he's truly Democrat when I ran for Congress and when I ran for Senate Iran because I'm a real Democrat it and when I say Real Democrat with that means is I want to take care of our elderly. I want to take care of our veterans veterans. If I want to send you someplace break you than it's my responsibility to fix you when you come home. I stand with unions. I believe that the working class citizens citizens deserve to have a seat at the table. Because of you don't have a secret to table then. The chances are you are on the menu. And that's a fact. We need to support unions with everything and I the top person they will fight right to work legislation to the day. I die and I also believe that a Democrat helps people who live in poverty to you. Elevate themselves out of poverty with a hand up not necessarily a handout. And that's what a real Democrat is the next what I preach when I go from point to point B. and and people see that and they know that I'm speaking the truth and that's why people are more in tune to listen to what I have to say because they know that it's from the heart Richard Trudeau Jetta never wants pushed one single beal as a state senator. The put a single penny in my pocket. It's not about that. That was not what my the plan was. When I become a state senator and unfortunately we have a lot of people in the state the run for office because they look at it as nothing more than an the annual paycheck? And that's not what we need in West. Virginia we are struggling state that needs real leadership to step up and put West Virginia on a decent path. And Right now we've had nothing but people who have been all too willing to roll over and sale our state to the highest bidder. And that's got to stop so I saw that you had talked about a proposal. That lobbyists should have body cameras on.

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