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I'm sitting there watching like an echo of the same fucking thing. I just saw two different people. Now as Suming that this wasn't some good spiracy. Where some weird God. Damn freakish improv on the spot people are trying to fuck with some solitary belly room comedian sitting on the couch. Then that indicates to me that there was like a kind of Eddie like a ripple that was happening there, a little fucking energetic ripple that people who weren't protected or who aren't who are a little too reactive when they were getting in it, they were acting like it, and then, you know, trying to make sense of it later. That's so many people just do shit. And then they try to make sense of it later. You know, they don't even know why they did. They just do a thing. And then later, they try to make sense of it. That happens all over the planet like you. If you've been watching this Ted Bundy documentary on yet, not yet a couple of people hit me up on. Yeah. Yeah. The ten one story where I saw whatever I saw the store was at the top of the belly room. I was Mitzi was in Japan and the main room, and I didn't wanna walk pastor. So I stood by the door watching what was on stage, and I felt energy over my right shoulder. And I kept focusing on the comic. But something was hitting. My is something was making that light not blink. But like somebody was standing in front of it. When I finally did decide the look up. It was like the person it was kennison. It looked like kennison type took his jacket spun it like a cable walked into the belly roads. Oh shit. Whatever I felt and I feel his cold whatever that was it. That was my only go sleep experience at the thing back to. The Bundy this is the really weird thing. When I'm moved to Snowmass village in eighty three. They're dry. I eighty three. You know that area within two months and one had a friend. That was a chef that certain celebrities hired him how he made his living in the winter was people would come in. And they would hire him as a chef Michael Douglas Sydney on people that share. Jack, nNcholas guy's name. Randy one night. We would just walk into a bar that was called. It was like the local watering home on Friday night Snowmass village. And he showed me. He showed me the hotel where Bundy I took a woman phone Snowmass village up and see if you can find Bundy in Snowmass village, I think I just saw it on the documentary. We get the name of the fucking hotel. This is their Horder is this the reporter. He was like she was on the news. I do not. I don't remember all the fat. And then when he escaped from Aspen county jail fucking, no fence, -ly Lee is not a criminal and Lee 'cause the skate for Madison County jail. Okay. Okay. At least not we could just walk out the door and track the wilderness in the wild would with a wild. And there you go. That's what he took two chicks from Meeks. Brought down for me. So now up at Aspen one day at banning out. The end out was a restaurant that my buddy Steven volumes. Still comes to my shows when I perform a buffalo of Florida because he's retired..

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