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Money. We. enjoyed. This episode was not the best, but it's far from the worst episode of the cartoon on this year is having thoughts on the cartoon. I got a few a few more things I just want to mention. There's a couple of other cool cool quotes. I will say I love that. Cobra. Commander when they're, BEING ATTACKED HE GETS IN TROUBLE BUBBLE HE SAYS I'll. Be Directing battle for remote location. That's very commander ish of him but I also love the fact that when. Flint says a that to maximum ECZEMA are within the law and they're leaving I love how both Jj Flint and roadblock kind of mock them by saying the sentence in different parts of it. We were hoping you would show us to the s cleaner. Because prior to that scene when you see thome axons aamodt talking you see all the joes moving their heads left to right. As Toma, Tomac, Zuma, or talking, and I thought that was very clever. It's like they're watching a tennis match which I thought was really. Gi Joe Paratroopers You know it was interesting to see them all jump out in weird paratrooper outfits I. Guess they're just the greenies but in paratrooper outfit, they're also too when you watch a Gi Joe Cartoon and you see a predominant female character that is not Gi Joe or Cobra. You will automatically assume they are either Gi, Joe or Cobra in disguise. This got to be the baroness. Lady Jaye or scarlet. and. One last thing take a take a drink I am holding in my hand Cobra currency you guys. Quick. This is a replica of one of those coins that you see in there. But what actually is is a finest challenge coin and challenge coins are very popular among costume groups and this was given to you. This is the charity donor coin. And these are really cool because there was a charity event going on last year where if you paid a certain level, you got like a t shirt and finest calendar and a couple other things including this coin and charity went to Canines, for Warriors Wonderful Charity group that works with pets that are given to former, of course, warriors that our vets that are working ptsd and dogs that are specially trained to to help them. So there you go and it is pennies.

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