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Florida, Steve Man, Atlanta discussed on The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!


In the future if no why don't you do Steve Man. I'm going to go down to the Silicone Valley. Is that what it is. I'm going down to the Silicon Valley comic con on August seventeenth seventeen seventeen on August seventeenth so that's nowhere near Youngstown Ohio nude reason I don't go to those things very often is most time I just would rather be not traveling and I join meeting people and this one is on the west coast and this is a very quick flight to get there and get back and I can do it all in one day so this is this is convenient to do but I just don't own just goes man. I I kind of want to keep Bouma few and far between because that way people will keep coming out. That's kind of way I feel about it. Hey Steve I know you talked about thanks to change at the POD cash and the Mark Henry J._r. and Tony Kahn interviews. Views are awesome but I really loved the bullshit session with you and Kristen and hope they continue to be an ingredient podcast while they are good luck with the show only U._S._A.. Network my question is you had the brokers. Go Ranch two point. Oh any change you can talk U._S._A.. Network until brokers called challenge launched two point. Oh I missed the hell out of that show. Thanks bye miss that show too and someone else asked me if I get this question here for get into c-pap question thing that show my thinking about that show is after five seasons does show was still <hes> bringing good numbers on a plus three numbers and supporting itself without any advertisement without no money being spent. I was doing advertising on my podcasts why they pulled the plug gonNA show I have no idea sometimes things run their course. It's time to move on but many shows are on for ten fifteen twenty seasons or more. There was no reason to pull the plug on that show that supported itself it paid well delivered and you know what the thing about it is Christian. That's show out of all the places I've been the mini people that watch that show and had a bunch down here. When I went to visit Dale Earnhardt Jr. a lot of people down there in <hes> North Carolina watching this show but Nevada has been a state that I've met the most people that watch everybody in Nevada Watch? That name shows man when you show coming back people are people that don't even know how Russell Watch chat show and they'll see me at the sporting goods store whatever having your show well it got canceled and I love who Casler to why but that wasn't a very wise decision and that's the bottom line and as far as bringing it back on U._S._A.. Network that's a whole different subject for a whole nother day. I'm just hoping to straight up. Steve Ulsan does well and we can continue doing that for five or ten season. So as Vince McMahon says the audience is your critic the audience that show was there delivered a numbers. It should have never been canceled this future endeavor which is about to be current and present endeavor on the season premiere of August twelfth while stand on its own has seven episode run by if the numbers of doing good enough we will continue and I hope that is the case Steve. What city or state feels like a second home to U._S.? Out of Texas I from Florida and every S._O._B.. I Know Love Stone Cold Steve Austin sitting back waiting Brad steel be S._R.. His name is Brad Steel. They didn't get his last initial. That's our man what home what city or state feels like a second home. Yes out of Texas man. I'll tell you what I've always go down in Florida. I've always been cutting down in Florida. We used to wrestle over Jacksonville Coliseum. Assume this way back bill down but for some reason I like Jacksonville Florida and I'm going to be done in Tampa Florida but you like Atlanta New Orleans Doug Atlanta man I was out there. You know twenty miles <hes> thirty miles west of Atlanta out there. A little town called Villa Rica Douglasville area. I really liked Atlanta. Well Well Lake Hartwell. That would be the place. I'd have to go beyond that little place out there on lake. Lake is fifty three thousand acres. I believe and I ride my jet ski out after we got finished film and.

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