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So this is why he's number three, but he does carry risks because if Pettus breaks out, and now all of a sudden, they've got more with deebo Samuel, and Jalen Hurd, and these guys that are that are not allowing kindled to be up in the hundred and thirty targets then then there's risk their eighty eight receptions last year for thirteen hundred seventy seven yards. Four year college career, forty eight receptions. Yeah. Well, he went Swannee receptions in his junior year twenty two and his senior year. So I'm looking at fantasy full just makes me laugh, all caq calculator. But right now Zakar is the to twelve and George Kittle is the three o five are you willing to pay the price for either of those guys if that ADP were to hold a you just said Kelsey is no irks is the to twelve George Kittle is the three o five. I think I would pay up for. I would I you know, the truth is what you're sacrificing their. I if wears Kelsey two oh five. The target that would that would be the that would walk us. We we all agree on Travis Kelsey. That's why. If you said one twelfth though, you know, there there've been years in the past gronk has been a first round. I was like, hey, you guys want a Snickers bar you want. This broccoli. That's why I didn't put the Snickers bar. I it was a time though, this offseason and is before the tyreek south happened. But it just looked like on paper like Kelsey was going so high and kiddos going so low that kid who was the obvious pit to me. I don't feel that way anymore. Right. You got around difference. So. Let's go to number four on our early tight endless OJ Howard out of Tampa Bay. I haven't six Jason. You got him up before Mike at five. OJ Howard needs to stay on the field. If OJ Howard stays on the field. He's too talented to not produce. I think that's what we can all agree on he's earned before. Overall tight end last year finished at thirteen. But he was the fourth most consistent last year when he was actually on the field. So has to take a step forward. We know Cameron brakes in the rear view mirror. Bruce Arians, hasn't traditionally us tight ends. But again, I still go with the two talented rule. All right. Yeah. I mean, that's that's my thing is whatever Bruce Arians wants to do. And he's going to put a better offense in place. Jameis Winston uses tight ends. Jameis Winston will look for his titans. Running down the field. There's no way they're not gonna use OJ Howard and capitalize on the gifts that he has if that's the case and he plays sixteen. I mean, you just said it he he was one of the most consistent tight ends when he was playing fee stays healthy. I don't see how I mean. Right now, I've got him. Mm down for only eighty six targets total. And we've been talking about comparing that to these guys who were up at one hundred thirty plus targets and this is coming out as my tight end four because I think his red zone opportunity. His ability like kill to just break away on an eighty yard run. Not every tight end can do that OJ Howard has done multiple times and will continue to do it. So when you when you have those big massive games. You also have a tight end coming into what is his third year in the league. That's usually how long it takes a tight into really come into their own at least. So his his pace last year in games. Played seventy seven targets fifty four receptions nine hundred four yards eight touchdowns. That's great for as I in in this landscape. Yeah. I mean, I think and then you have real opportunity there. They didn't spend up in the draft to go get another wide receiver option. You lost Humphries? Yeah. You lost de Jack's. He's going to be used, and you know, coming out of college. If you if you remember if. You've been with us for the last three plus years when he was a rookie. This was a generational talent. OJ Howard was like okay since gronk. He was you know, we we've talked a lot about teacher Hawkins sin and Noah fan this year to really good prospects..

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