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Do you think that like in the universe of the haunting of hill house, Hugh Crain like man that kid looks a lot like me like that could have been me as a child hanging out with the get another ghost? That's following him around. Right. Like, he would have been it would have been like thirty years old when he came out that it's fun to think about that sort of thing. Like, it's on the show. Does a lot of that a lot of that layered kind of connection. I already mentioned that the doctor Dr Montague played Luke in the original movie, adaptation and out. That's Russ Tamblyn. Great great actor whose doctor Jacoby on twin peaks spectacular. So this is this is well trod material for him. I believe and there are there are other weird things like that throughout and just like the Sanderson clinic where Luke goes is the name of Luke Luke last name in the novel, Luke, Sanderson. And so there are there are just little connections. And there are lines of dialogue. Couple of. Stars is a big thing. That's from the book that you see throughout this show. There's the the grand killing there's a there's a horrible poem. That's recited at one point. I think it's by MRs Dudley that is something that's recited in the book. There are a lot of those kind of connections throughout that. Are that are present in the in the in the in the novel that are a little head nuts. And I think there are plenty of times where the dialogue is a straight lift, including the monologue about whatever, you know, he'll house not sane stood against that sort of dialogue is directly from the book and whatever walk their walked alone is a big line from the book. And certainly like I said a big change. When at the end of the series is whatever whatever walk their walked together. So certainly something I don't know it just there's a lot of there's a lot of great stuff in this show. And I definitely hope that people who enjoyed the show enjoyed our podcast about it anything else you wanna add or is that a good place to let this guy. Oh my God. I just it's terrifying. And I don't want him to mid so scary. I don't want you to make more. I want him to stop here..

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