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Three years Colleen NBA games twenty eight of those for the Chicago Bulls and it is Neil funk and he joins us now Dale I love you and I'm gonna miss you I gotta tell ya that gets me excited hearing you well I appreciate that very much but I'm not going away quite yeah but the end of the year at the end of the year so this is going to be your swan song are you looking forward to it or is it going to be a rough year for you well I I I don't think it'll be necessary a rough year but I I'm sure I have some mixed emotions as we as we go to see that it gets closer to hand them at the beginning so I'm kinda looking forward to the season take me back through the high highs and low lows I mean when you look back at your career of course the highs would be the Jordan era what what what would be the number one moment you started after the first championship right so you started you started in ninety two would it have been the ninety two championship what would be the biggest high well I Amy that whole era was you know really incredible just the fact that the bulls would do something that is so difficult to do which was three P. twice and as so I eat you know I mean I all the years have been good even when the team has not that has not been that good I mean the the bulls brand is so big I'm not only in the U. S. but they all around the world so my I have a good time doing a mall whether we're winning or losing I mean game six with Bobby Hansen coming off the bench in ninety two I mean it either I mean there were so many you know people say well what was though the one moment and there were so many including the year that that Michael what to play baseball and right and single handedly about them get all the Eastern Conference finals against New York and if not for questionable call by you our ones they they probably would have retired with Dan Russell out Michael I gotta tell you bill there were there were there were so many great all much I was going to you too yesterday because I wanted something that just you know so it was Neil funk and I got caught in the YouTube listening to your voice and watching the highlights I mean the nineties did you know at the time because I tried to explain to my son every night people would record games or they'd watch games all the bars were filled in Chicago because you never knew what number twenty three was gonna do yeah that was a you know I I that's another thing that we you know why why talk about the bulls that the bad here are what Michael once about a year and then everybody else you knew every night you were going to see some you haven't seen before so it was it was an incredible incredible time in Chicago and it was an incredible time for the NBA right definitely cell I I I try to explain to people the bulls in the next was a war every time they got on the floor in the nineties I hated the Knicks I hated everything about it but I loved watching those games I mean what we're yeah yeah Hey I would yeah I was just gonna say they were sorry you know that was and you're a war you know they talk about why will resume and so forth I don't know that because of the way the game is played today but there're are nearly as many you know what I've always and you mentioned the Knicks and the bulls and the customs and the bulls and the Lakers so they're still alive will read everywhere during that era we're talking a Neil funk who's gonna pack it up after this season with the Chicago Bulls the ninety six team Dennis Rodman had a Billboard on the mural building at North Avenue in the Kennedy and people would stop their cars in take pictures the ninety six bulls with Chad at the time the best record in the history of the NBA and they were on such a path the only lost ten games that season but it was like the Beatles everywhere they went or everything they did people were all over yeah my is in my view anyway that was already you know I I guess you can you can argue about the history of the NBA but in my view anyway that was the greatest team that I was ever around I mean they were they had everything including as you mentioned there following even when they weren't lying I mean it was like traveling with the Beatles or Elvis or whatever I mean they were they were known everywhere not just in the United States but I mean everywhere right I was just that I I remarkable remarkable achievement you know you mentioned that they they lost the ten games I mean it probably could have been a little bit better than that eighty eight losses are saying and but do you know any there the one thing that's a incredible V. as that as good as that regular season was they were able to going to the playoffs and and you know complete the mission which was to to win the title and that's what's so really really hard to do there was no doubt in my mind that they would go into Seattle in ninety six in when no doubt well you you know it I think they were obviously the best team in the league but to keep that kind of momentum after you have that kind of a regular season on Michael state saw that right that is just you know you got to keep your eyes on the prize and the price for them for the bulls wasn't there so much record you during a regular season that happened of course but the the the real prize is the l'oreal Brian troll the young they were able to do that the other remarkable thing about those those Phil Jackson teams was that I won it three times in a row and then to do that Weiss there's a unbelievable I mean to when one is something and then you have to have to try to repeat and then to try to do it a third time is incredible we're talking with Neil Young the voice of the the bulls we had some down years after ninety eight and then the bulls drafted the rose did you see once we got DeRosa you think yourself okay we're gonna go on another run this is going to happen well I said I think you know when they when they drafted Derek I mean everybody knew he was a really really good player in high school and college and how that translates into the NBA is sometimes problematic but he he was so good and in all ways if not for the injuries I think the bulls had a had a chance because you know now you're building around the real superstar and that's what Derek was when he was healthy do you build around him and and you've got a chance the at all to get back into the winner's circle were down so when I was unfortunate that that that they had those injuries and they're always unfortunate for Derek fortunately stromal Egan still plan I level where did your signature kaboom come from I actually that started when I was doing you receive only games way back and wow in the seventies NYC weather spoon and I mean they I don't know it just it happened one night I just hi I'm mostly centered on a Weatherspoon player something that's the fact of the day one owner was really good and they had a lot of talent and so it did yeah I don't know just came out one night I kind of stuck with it for awhile how is Stacey king doing you guys talk in the off season yeah a little bit yeah you know not a lot that's one thing about Stacy and I you know we should down it's like we've been together all summer which will be due on Monday night yeah we we we talked and he's he's doing great man he's been a wonderful wonderful part you know what for the years that I've been doing television here I mean they talk about people that you work with it's kind of a marriage but I feel like you to know how to get each other going you to know when to talk when not to talk I mean it's it's been such a great partnership in the way that he gets worked up on television I just love it he's a he's a first of all you're really knowledgeable NBA guy I haven't played the game and and played at a high level you know being part of three championship teams so we obviously knows the game his enthusiasm for the bulls is Balboa see these he's up every night whether world they are all winning or losing or whatever he find something in the in any kind of a game or hurts well played game or not so well played game right find something that you know and can be entertaining I feel like we have something that we can get excited about this year with the bulls if we stay healthy we have our first round draft pick a kid that his name it's scapes me I can see is hair right now Neil help me with this we white Kobe white that it would you argue the greatest Afro in the history of the bulls next to artists Gilmore yeah yeah I mean you go back in the day there were a lot of there are a lot of good apples around the league all I have at work Miley still want that might add right yeah I think he I think he's going to be a really good player you know obviously Yang and this is a young fellow young bulls game I mean I know we've been saying that the last few years but I still back there the second or third youngest team in our then only you know what the veterans that they added but I'm excited to get this started I I you get the nail on the head you got to stay healthy yeah and its key in this way you you saw it as the playoffs wore on last year you gotta be healthy to to make a live German Ron but I I think they added to you know John Paxson gar Forman sure the job in the offseason adding pieces that that that allowed people say well you know they they're gone and sat around ski from Wall Street journal and paddy Sean the nice thing about them is it's easy for a while these players will help in the locker room mate then they're down that they've been all playoff teams but the key for that for the most two guys in particular is that they can still really quite a high level yeah and I think fans are going to be really happy with them and then obviously at the end of last year they they added out of order idle poor junior so who who also contain a really high level so they've got some veteran guys who've been around I have been on winning teams and can still play and I think that's the that's the key Neil you are the absolute best I wish you the best luck you've always been gracious enough to come on the show and we sincerely appreciate it I will be watching most of the games this season just to see what happens especially to hear from you too LOC Alicea how Stacy treats me you're right yeah that that'll be worth the price of admission right there you're the best Neil funk thanks Neal congratulations thank you thank you thanks so much all right that is Neil funk I mean that guy is a legend he really is just the absolute best this month is breast cancer awareness month we have a doctor from northwestern coming in studio in just a second time for news it's sponsored by permissible basement systems at two thirty here's Pam a forty year old driver.

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