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Vers i'm going with denzel ward he's the best corner in the draft you ask any football coach after they get the quarterback right they want pass rushers and corners i think he's just terrific now he's a little small could he be dubious in the red zone i don't know but man is he good good in big games i take denzel wore number five denver there's a theory in the nfl you don't take interior offense lineman early quinton nelson notre dame is a monster denver's good football roster with a really shaky oh line they're bringing in case keenum case not a world class athlete case is a four eight forty guy little smaller arms okay give case keenum of fighting chance with denver get him the best offensive lineman in this draft quinton nelson indianapolis six i'm not a big fan of drafting quarterbacks in the first round but andrew luck in all these years the colt own one they've never given him a legitimate star at running back again i'm not a big fan of running backs i love todd gurley out of college i think actually georgia this year has a couple of terrific running backs ronald jones at us's going to stick in this league i'd go barclay here little reggie bush homerun hitter like him a number seven tampa i'd go minka fitzpatrick terrific young safety nick sabin played him as a true freshman and put them in a valuable position he can blitz off the edge he's not going to be an elite corner like denzel ward but he's rangy he's a smart football player saving gave him a lot of responsibility early and he also was a guy who played in big games and was better in big games he was a guy that would rise if they played a clemson rise if they played lsu number eight bears they got issues on that defensive side adore james safety florida state again i've watched him this is there's actually some safeties in this draft that a lot of people like and i think i think if you're looking at the bears right now they got the quarterback saw.

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