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We did fundamentally and I had to to ends that were just relentless robber net. And those enor- your New York I by the way, and then and Michael McCurry their undersized guys. But man, they had they had so much heart. It was unbelievable. But we said, I you know, what these guys are a hell of a lot better than you think. And the more we played look we broke the all time record least amount of rushing yards given up in a season least amount of rushing yards per average. And that's really attributed to that group right there. Yes. We had Ray Lewis behind. But guess what? You couldn't get to Ray Louis. So it was just a it was a scary situation. You know with with the players that I had we it was just such a a great team defense. And when you look at the coaching staff, we have we a Jack del Rio was aligned baecker coach, you know, pretty good when you know later. Mike single Terry later, you know, Nolan comes on board this many years later, but all these head coaches were because array Lewis, by the way, and myself included, but we really did have a hell of a coaching staff, then and you know, it's funny because Brian Billick was a great offense of mine. You know, the you talk about oh look at the genius Brian Billick when he was office coordinator with a Vikings. But what Brian did his best thing? He he did was put together one. One hell of a coaching staff. And I think that was something he doesn't get enough credit for and recognize putting his ego aside and say, I may be an offensive guy. But the best chance we have to win is not to turn the ball over on offense. And let our defense win it in a lot of guys. I think in the league would be leading what their ego and saying, no, no, no, no, I'm good. I'm going to find ways to win based upon my strength. And instead of doing what he did. Which was the right thing to do. Which was we've got a great defenseless. Just not let the offense screw it up. No. That was it. And there were times in games. Look. We went five straight games five straight games without scoring offense. Touchdown. Oh. By the way. That was the year. We won the Super Bowl that's dominant that legendary stories so those are some great defenses. And then here's all the things. I give you the most credit for the first is this that is you then took over the New York Jets as a head coach. Of course, I watch every snap of every game. So I know that team as well, as you know, what team if you're just a fan, and you took you took over that team in annual first year they were. Number one across the board in defense number one with the basically the same players that had been there before you became the coach. So I've always wondered this. How do you do that? How does it coach come in? You can joke around whether it's self modestly or whatever it is and say well, great players. They were the same players. They weren't the number one defense in the sport. When you weren't to coach you came in. They became the number one. It's how does that happen, greedy? First off their twenty third in the league in defensive and we did take them to number one six starters. Are you know, six guys left the defense from the year before but we replaced them. I replaced a guy on all three levels. So I brought an defensive lineman. This isn't a household name. Marquees douglas. Okay..

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