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Why we're going to spend thirty billion dollars on it. All right. We'll you cover congress. You are there all the time. You are always taking the temperature. Where's this going from here? Certainly nobody wants to shut down. But they're if they're digging in like, you said at the very top of this interview in the next twenty seconds were what's your gut? What are you hearing on the hill? Well, I think we are headed to shut down the league of some period of time. However, I'm going to be looking very closely at Dino Republican moderates people like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, others who don't really see a benefit and a lot of harm potentially narrow reelection bids for being part of a government shutdown. Also be looking at Paul Ryan. He's exiting the scene. This is the house speaker. He doesn't really see his tenure ended when chaos so there could be signs of people. They are willing to put on the floor of veto-proof stopgap Bill that gets us through the holidays. And then we deal with us in January. I'm not seeing that sun yet, though, just a point of order. His tenure may end in chaos at star. Chaos. If you call. Yes, it did another time. Let's check the latest war. Thank you so much. Eric Watson congressional Puerto for Bloomberg news. Check the latest world and national headlines with Bloomberg's Potman. Let me thank you US Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee Republican says he won't be running for re election in two thousand twenty. He's been seen as one of the few effective Senate dealmakers on healthcare a day before the Federal Reserve begins its final rate-setting meeting of two thousand eighteen President Trump is applying Twitter pressure. He writes that it's incredible. The fed is even considering a rate hike when inflation is low the dollar is strong and the rest of the world is in his words blowing up around us Nobel winning economist Paul Romer of NYU stern school tells Bloomberg the fed needs to be left alone to do its job. They've got the best data. They're the ones who are looking past the next election cycle to and we want somebody to be doing that the fed is widely expected to announce his fourth rate hike of two thousand eighteen on Wednesday kids are taking to vaping twice as many high school students are inhaling,.

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