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But to have to to have that sort of like, you know, epic level of inner torment at the same at the same time. No, if it's some it's worth it. I just think it's you know. I mean, it's funny to say like, oh, I hope he found some happiness when you think like, what do you had everything in the world? But those were all things, you know, like this his career. Maybe was would you say it was like a just a search for something? Some kind of stability some kind of something kind of real the hold onto. Yeah. And I think it was probably just a search to be at peace. You know in a in a body that was tormented by one thing or another because of how he processed life. He goes on stage and sings though songs and and connects with thousands of thousands of people who are behind the floodlights who he can't really see, but he can feel them. That's when I'm at peace. You know? That's why I perform is because. I'm doing something that is you know, I I've taken away all the funky -ness of the creative process was now, I've arrived at this thing that's refined and make believe and this no problem. It's it's good. And that's that's what all of us are. Partially. Being fed by you know, who those of us who who who who who self expresses as That it were. way of getting through life. Maybe there's a so maybe once you once you get your podcast up and running. Maybe there's a change my mind that was it left. That was quick. I was gonna say maybe there's a lot of my off my chest. Right. By the time, you leave. I don't wanna do that anymore. Maybe there's a maybe there's a Springsteen style show for you where you just tell stories and in Cincinnati songs. I mean, you tell good stories. Springsteen endurance Sinatra and his Broadway guy doing Springsteen in his act, but but but Bob Dylan's doing like one Sinatra song after another and he's in his seventies. And so my my my conclusion is that no matter how angry you were starting out. No matter how much shit you had on your foot, then you had to get off and shit. You know, everybody ends up being Sinatra Joni Mitchell like the last couple of all Sinatra standards. She recorded with these huge orchestra like everybody ends up going that way, you know. Well, because I think into Ronstadt, you, you know, you know, what I tend to think that you know, there's a certain amount of there's a certain amount of like hunger and fire that you have to have to be an artist to want to Browns just having pets break. Actually, I feel so much better. There's a certain amount of. I'm really glad I'm really thankful that these new catheters are still there. They just go right in. Yeah. They just go right in hang on them changing up there. It is..

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