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A law that protects the privacy of our children in a public schools the special session will start later this month but strauss's speaking out against the bathroom bill now alan scaia dallas of former guantanamo bay prisoner who pleaded guilty to killing an american soldier in afghanistan when he was fifteen is getting millions of dollars from the canadian government i'll marca dyer was born in canada captured by us troops following a firefight at a suspected alqaeda compound where us army sergeant chris spear died could dr was charged with throwing the grenade that killed spear canada's supreme court has ruled that officials who interrogated could dr at the time used oppressive methods the government is planning to also apologized to qatar and give him eight million us dollars and actress in comedian who gained fame with impersonations of celebrities on youtube has died utter stevie tv stevie ryan gave fame on youtube with impersonations of celebrities including kim kardashian ab white house adjusted beaver you fine girl she also had a sketch comedy show on vh one and cohosted a relationship talk show with brody jenner her debts been ruled an apparent suicide by the los angeles county coroner's office her fans are morning some say there were signs this one i i know i literally go crazy i on antidepressants than just try to keep it together because your will to learn to you've gone a spokesman says she died at her home in los angeles she was thirty three i'm scott carr president abraham lincoln and the civil war a huge collection of memorabilia is headed to mississippi state university courtesy of some new englanders former rhode island supreme court chief justice frank williams and his wife fridge jinya the couple decided years ago they wanted to find a good home for their seventeen thousand items and twelve thousand books and pamphlets someplace not already rich in lincoln memorabilia so they decided on mississippi state frank williams incidentally was president of the abraham lincoln association for nearly a decade if you're hoping to grow your business here's a little tale of what not to do during an alcoholfuelled night out back in 2013 british entrepreneur mike ashley told his then colleague.

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