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Seal black mold down there. My mother loved her kitchens. So we keep a piece of her. Georgina. This is Chris is Rose's boyfriend. The garage goes under the Sankt now for the Peacedale stone. The field of play. The nearest house is across the lake. Total press. What? White family black servants total cliche wasn't ticket there while you didn't after blaming. We hired Georgina on Walter to health care for my parents died. I couldn't bear to let him go. Boy. The way looks. Yeah. Know. By the way, I would have voted for Obama for third term if I could best president my lifetime handstand. I agree. K liberalism. I want to. One of the first question of the room and just going on raise point where you know us like when you know complacent work can do join in. They don't change the compensation. I feel like if I won't talk to a group of of what people talking, and then they changed as compensation to something that they think the I would relate to and then start talking about bomber. I'll be equally as offense as if they did do you know what I mean? So. That's what I mean. Mm. Yeah. Because when like, I don't know why people join the conversation. I don't start talking about Stalin or like auditors somebody like I dunno. Somebody like white who I'm not settled that Trump. Okay. An example for the win win win your friends when someone comes onto it will be like a seamless. See somebody's uncomfortable living uncomfortable. See someone doesn't understand so one. I'll be also this is what we're talking about. And then I'll be like, oh, I've never been and then they'll start talking to. But then because they know that I'm standing cut me even about loving rappers come over. I I took my love and hip on. How do you explain it to them and say, I'm into the conversation? I will say I'm talking about love and hip hop. This have you seen like these TV dramas like Kim, Kim kadarshian, but with white people. Treasure. No. Lanta hokum position to the sayings say that I'm stuttered. You got enough to be like, this is what? The me overseas taking to his, you know. Screamed ISIS bizarre my opinion. That's a dumb compensation really could have been times less firms on is so weird 'cause I actually do this as well a to run..

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