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Your eyes and imagine you're a soldier in war but you're not on the battlefield instead you lying in bed recovering from injuries received in battle through ms pitch black. And it's been a long night and you. You're very uncomfortable. You're sad and not feeling. Well you miss your family back at home and wish you were not sick but suddenly you hear a door open and you turn and look down the hall. There's a light from the lamp and it's moving toward you. You smile because you know who it is. A woman a nurse stops by you and puts her hand on your shoulder. How are you feeling she asks. Can i get you anything. She gives you a drink of water. Let me know if you need anything else. She says and then walks away to attend to another soldier. You'd feel lonely and sad but now you feel much better. Thanks to the woman who had become one of the most famous nurses of all time. The lady with the lamp florence nightingale florence nightingale was born on may twelfth eighteen twenty. Her parents were english which means they were from england but at the time they were living in the city of florence italy in this is where she got her name florence. Nightingale's were a very wealthy family. Her father was a london banker. Florence in her sister had a very easy privileged life growing up. They got to travel all over europe as a family. Imagine how interesting that would have been. After their travels. They settled in their home country england. There they had two homes a summer house in derbyshire and a winter. House in hampshire with the homes came servants. Who took care of them. And all of the housekeeping. Like i said it was a pretty easy life for the girls and the parents who had plenty of money to live in comfort during the eighteen. Hundreds most girls didn't get a great education. But william nightingale wanted the best for his daughters. So we took special interest in their learning and taught them many subjects like history geography and literature. Florence was a very gifted child and soaked up everything. Her father taught her even at a young age with lots of practice. She could speak in several languages such as french. German latin greek italian and latin in the time florence lived called the victorian era women from wealthy families were expected to only do housework with the servants. Doing most of the work and host guests. They weren't supposed to look for jobs earn money. Florence saw this but wanted something different. She wanted to work for herself and earn money for herself. She wasn't with the way the world was. She wanted to find her purpose in life and believe there was more than running the home and taking care of guests. In fact at an early age she decided her calling in life would be to help others to ease their suffering. She loved taking care of sick pets and servants. Being a nurse seemed like a natural fit for her desire to help others but they were very upset and refused to let her do it. They told her she wasn't allowed to go to nursing school in their minds. This was very inappropriate for a woman of her wealth and status. Like i said it was a very different time and florence was going against what was normal and her day but do you think florence just went along with it nope. She was determined to become a nurse so she could help others. Finally after a lot of persuasion her father gave in and she packed.

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