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A new story from Vickie Allen and Levon Putney


And the subways yeah the brought about foreign six trains running with delays while crews replace rails at eighty six street and I would like driving up they less than ten minutes on WCBS and now the five day forecast for Michael Feeney Briskin quite cold early this morning low twenty one in the city Chile later today with a good deal of sunshine with a high of thirty six clearing cold Friday night low twenty eight the city Saturday plenty of sunshine mild or in the afternoon high of fifty Sunday a nice day with plenty of sunshine and a mild afternoon high fifty four in mild Monday as sunshine in the morning gives way to increasing afternoon clouds I fifty four and cloudy Tuesday with periods of rain and a high of fifty degrees twenty three at LaGuardia factor that wind chill feels like thirteen degrees right now is four forty AM all four fifty I'm sorry Publix frame our brain can't work when I'm looking straight at the clock where over seven weeks and now in a twenty twenty and already it's shaping up to be one of the warmest years on record I'm Gary nam the heat is on I am government scientists say there's no indication of cool down is close to coming no of the national oceanic and atmospheric administration climatologists say this year is virtually certain to be among the ten warmest on record with a nearly fifty fifty chance it'll turn out to be the warmest ever average global temperatures in January we're just over two degrees Fahrenheit above average with statistical probabilities indicating that global temps will hit an all time high very known CBS news celebrity birthdays we seem to be made to suffer it's all locked in my life C. three PO and Star Wars actor Anthony Daniels in the costume is seventy four Oscar winning actor director comedian Jordan Peele is forty one now actress and singer Jennifer love Hewitt is also forty one actress Ellen page just thirty three actor Gary Lockwood is eighty three Frasier in cheers Fraser and cheers spinoff Fraser at actor Kelsey Grammer sixty five dollar civil rights activist in Georgia congressman John Lewis eighty today and late singer songwriter and activist Nina Simone women eighty seven today it's four fifty one walks scheduling the advantages with CBS on education I'm doctor Steve case and last time I introduce this radical innovation instead of taking eight subjects students take just four what four double period either on alternating days or four in the fall and four in the spring proponents list five benefits first students can focus better with four rather than its subjects this also applies tonight be Homer second with more instructional time teachers can go into greater depth third to schools tone is much calmer classrooms don't empty at eight times a day holes are quieter north to classes have to settle down at the start of the eight times a day fourth with black scheduling there's no need for that colossal time waster study halls and fifth more efficient use is made of teacher time very powerful argument supporting block scheduling but as we'll see tomorrow equally convincing arguments from detractors the news radio eight eighty saying stay tuned to see which case is stronger I'm doctor Steve Q. sin say you're shopping online with your smartphone it sure feels like your personal info is right there in your hand but when.

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A new story from Vickie Allen and Levon Putney

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