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Do you feel like you understand your mother. More i do. I do feel like creating these. Three works has made me understand my mother more know. Actually i kind of regret some of the way up spoken about my mother in the press. Because you know. I talk about her as regards to moolah in a talk about her in regards to the underground railroad. I've never talked about her in regards. The character regina king plays in bill streak at talk. But i think the were moments in my life where my mom did go to baffling and there were these moments where she did she did find a way to correct the ills that were painting her and and she was there and she was president. You know. I had my mom pretty much for my high school years. I have my mom from high school years. We didn't live together but we had a very good relationship. If i need it because again. The greatest octopus elective parenting. The world has ever seen. There is nothing black. Parents won't do for their children. This is something that we found a way to conceptualize as being bad or being negative. I'm going to definitely have that experience with my mom Through high school so more about her. The bill street press. But maybe i should talk terry gross. Who build street. And that would correct it. That but i do think it has brought me a greater understanding of her. Can you talk more about how your understanding of your mother has changed over the years one. I just i'll tell the short version the man of named after my father berry. I'm pretty sure is not my actual father. And yet i learned after about twenty five years of life That barry raised my brother and my sister as his own children. Four the ten years before i was conceived And i believe it was an act of infidelity. That calls this break between my father and my mother and this thing is what. Let my mother down the very dark path that she had to deal with the demons. She had to wrestle with For the fracturing of this family knowing that knowing that was it was not that. I should have needed that information To reconcile the sense of obamacare fell but but knowing it learning it it just completely shifted so many things so many things and even though we're not kind of people who communicate as forthrightly as you and communicating right now Think emotionally and spiritually Ah did shift the access about a relationship. Was i right in saying before that your father died when you were twelve. You were yes. Yes you were However it's just it's just a tricky thing. That's a tricky a. Because i'm not sure who who my father is so so it's a tricky as a tricky thing so tricky thing was buried. This is barry who died when you were twelve. This was this was berry. Yes ma'am were you living together at the time. no i have. I have never Have been in the same room with berry multiple times over those twelve years and we never said a word to one another or he never said a word to me And even that. I didn't understand but But then when. I got that information around the twenty five. I understood man i understood. That's a lot to take in. It can't be maybe a working it out through through creating these images You know. I do think that the journey the core goes through and the show through her ordeal With north carolina with where she ends up at the end you kind of learn to doing and you kind of prepare yourself living life and i think that's what i'm doing The living my life and creating this art..

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