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All that. But they are mostly concerned amac right now in turning back the attack I Medicare, which is Bernie's Bernie wants. To expand it to everyone destroy it. One out of three Democrats in the Senate support Bernie care, which is Medicare destroyed. It's the bones of Medicare. If that happens, and you can be a part of stopping it by going to don't touch my Medicare dot com right now. Since I'm doing activism this morning. What's also talk about tax cuts work. My friends at job creators network run yesterday, and the market's been going up and down down down down. It'll correct today. Markets. Overseas were already stabilize it's called a correction. You got this high. It's gonna come back ten to fifteen to twenty percent. It's not a bear market. It's just a correction and now it's gonna go right back up at three point seven percent unemployment and GDP at four point two percent. The profits are going to flow in the people took money off a cycle it through. That's what's going on the tax cuts are working, but you've got to protect them and you do that at tax cuts work dot com. They're on the ballot. The tax cuts are the ballot. Judges are on the ballot John Cornyn just put their but tax cuts are on the ballot as well. So if you will go to tax cuts work dot com, they will make it easy for you to do your part to make phone calls to send emails and text to your friends. Which doors you wanna go and knock on you want to have a chat with a neighbor that needs a ride to the polls on election day or someone who helps needs help getting out the early vote early voting is important states like Indiana and Montana where we gotta get Republicans replacing Democrats in the United States Senate early voting is important in Arizona. My gosh, it's going on in Arizona. Martha college got gotta win Christian cinema. But tapley yesterday ever call an Arizona is crazy back from a radical leftist days. You can't they can't hide anything we found out in the cabinet proceedings. Your yearbook is going to be coming out Christian sentiment done, but we need to get to the voting in Arizona, and that's where tax cuts worked dot com. Tax cuts work will help you get to the polls. They will help you get everything done tax cuts work dot com. Let me tell you as well the audio and transcript of my John Bolton interview is posted go and read it Senate everywhere, isn't it wonderful. They have coherence in foreign policy in America, and we are not starry eyed about North Korea. We are very clear. He was so clear with charter they're going to shoot at a Chinese ship. If it comes near an American ship again hundred thirty-five feet is too close for the safety of our sailors, and we are going to shoot at PR chips, and we are going to shoot at Iranian ships. If they come close, they do not want to cross those red lines and Bolton made it very very clear. We are also very hopeful and praying that pastor Brunson is released today. He's held hostage by Turkey. But there are good signs. And we're waiting to see if in fact, he will be released today. We also learned that Tina Powell's not going the United Nations, you taken herself out of the running your other names out there. I remained belief that Grinnell ought to be sent from Germany to turtle bay or Robert O'Brien who is in fact, a special presidential envoy and hostages Chris Burnham who used to be under secretary at the department of state. We got a lot of great people send up there who will not banging on the table, but who will not be silenced by the bureaucrats who will not allow the president and John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and Jim Mattis. Not to be represented every day in that gaff house. Talk about gas lighting, the UN is the ultimate gas lighting experimental stage. It's crazy, but we need people up there. We need them up there. And we'll follow that one very closely. A million people are without power after hurricane. Michael shredded the electrical grid a million people devastating. Don't forget in your generosity team. Rubicon USA dot org. Those veterans are down there right now. And they pick up the pieces. Team Rubicon is trying to pick up the pieces as we re connect with you. He was talking about how the hurricane has. How he has. Yeah. I gotta do relief factor to need relief factor for the pain of having to face a segment. Team Rubicon is pick up the pieces after the electrical grid took out. Northey are the northwestern part of Florida and as remnants of the hurricane have worked through Virginia. The internet and some of the infrastructure is starting to go up and down and cycle through. So we've been having intermittent problems with back in Virginia. We will be back with you. Hopefully after the break, and hopefully he will tell you about relief factor dot com because we need pain relief from the relieffactor studios. It's the Hugh Hewitt Show. Swing Patterson filling in for Hugh, hopefully will be back on your side of the break joint.

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