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Welcome ever wanted to a new episode of the currently on podcast. Thank you so very much for tuning in look I. I'm painfully aware that you have like a million choices when it comes to finding something to listen to the fact that you would give me any of your time well, that blows me away and I just want you to know I'm honored that you take some time to listen, and hopefully I'm producing content that you think is worth your time I really do and I hope I. Can Do the same thing in this episode I I want to produce something that you think is worth. Your time is valuable. That is informative. Hopefully, I can be entertaining at times maybe maybe not. But at least informative in fact, I, mean you you probably already know what this podcast is all about. It's called currently on. This is where I talk about what's currently on music movies TV shows podcast books if it's on I'm talking about it, but there's something else that I want to accomplish with this podcast. I also want to help you discover things that maybe without this podcast, you would never come across. You would never even be aware of if I can bring attention to maybe a movie that you would never. You know never even think about watching TV show that maybe you've never even heard of. especially. When it comes to music especially in the world of music, you open a streaming service there's like. You know millions upon millions of options, where do you even begin and so you you you may tend to just kind of follow the same path over and over and over listen to the same artist and over and over again. But I WANNA, use this podcast. To introduce you to music to artists that that you haven't heard of and hopefully, you'll find a new favorite. So whenever whenever I can, I'm going to turn on this microphone and I'm going to do just that and that's what I'm going to try to accomplish and this episode I'm going to introduce you to a new song a new artist. Hopefully, you'll take the time to at least go listen. Maybe you like it maybe you don't but at least try it try I mean you've got to be willing to expand your horizons and listen to different things because if you don't, well, you're missing out life is already short enough. Don't miss out on anything find. There's always that new musical treasure out there. You just need someone to kind of lead you to it. So I'M GONNA lead. You to it, and then you can explore it and in maybe you love it maybe you don't. But at least you've given it a shot. But before I tell you about it before I, tell you about the artist before I tell you about the song before we take a look at the lyrics now, obviously, I can't play it for you because I don't want to violate any copyright rules. But. I definitely want to talk about it and hopefully you'll go listen So let's let's set it up this way..

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