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Many many cases where working in melbourne during lockdown say. Thanks for that carolina her. She started the other night. I know what cream of the crop means that. Can you tell me why it's crop. What does a crop half to do with cream. And they couldn't find that we might know well. The corp is simply a crop that you might harvest in the field so that one's not surprising there and cream used figuratively to mean the top or the best or something because obviously cream rises to the milk is left to stand so it came to be used figuratively to mean the the top of the very best. Say you might say. They're the cream of society for example and the cream of the crop is simply means the very best of that yield. That's the idea. Well thank you thank you. Caroline kosta lang melbourne australia. How wonderful looked up in in australia for years. But we're here. We're here for you. Keep listening to somebody we care susan. That's amusing. I was talking. I was talking. We had cost mentioned their catalan kosta wing. And here's someone called susan coop or could it be coombe kkob coupe. Coupe is i think about. She was walking in north yorkshire near harrogate and came across a spring with atoms ale engraved into a nearby rock and husband from west yorkshire. Had never heard of it but susan's from the midland's new the shipment washer but they were puzzled about where it comes from. It has indeed meant water for quite longtime since the seventeenth century and the idea is simply a reference to the azim the first man of adam and eve until water is taken to be a drink of natural simplicity and so appropriate to the first at that point untarnished pure. I man not see idea and i look this up in the dictionary..

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