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Dot com Ashley what next before Ya'll went to work for facebook she'd been deep in the national security world out of it overseas but in two thousand fifteen she started rethinking her focus it started occurring to me that a bigger threat in my mind to all the things ride cared about whether it be democracy civil discourse our national security was no longer coming from this thing abroad that I was working on and I started thinking it was bread breakdown of civil discourse here at home so start digging in started looking at why that was happening and I'm not saying social media's the only reason it was happening but did start exploring then started speaking about it and and was asked once on podcast do I think Mark Zuckerberg is to blame and I said something along the lines of I don't think Mark Zuckerberg set out to destroy democracy and gave US the answer I don't think this is anything intentional but I do question who he has a just decision making table and I suspect it's not people with my background's your background having been a CA officer yes having been AC- I after having been a diplomat overseas having worked on the ground with real people affected by policies decisions conflicts over the last few weeks this question of facebook's role in public discourse is back in the headlines specifically how facebook treats politic gle advertising good afternoon thank you very much for allowing me to spend ten minutes or so with you this afternoon our facebook that's Nick Clegg facebook ZAC and former British politician and we're playing this tape because he kicked off this advertising controversy again when he spoke the Atlantic Festival recently and that's why I want to be re League clear with you today we do not submit speech by politicians to our independent fact checkers and we generally allow it on the platform even when it would otherwise breach our normal content rules of course that got major pushback most notably from Elizabeth Warren Brin and Joe Biden and last week Mark Zuckerberg defended the policy in a speech he gave at Georgetown couching it as part of facebook's larger commitment to free speech one of the questions they asked me during my interview which I actually heard Mark Zuckerberg talk about during his speech the other day they asked me do you think we should ban political advertising not together given the sensitivity around political ads. I've considered when we should stop allowing them all together a from a business perspective the controversy certainly is not worth the very small part of our business that they make up and I did say you know what I would probably be the easiest thing to do because I assume you're not actually making as much money from political advertising as you are from industries and other stuff however oh I don't think you guys should ban political advertising because I look at this globally and if you ban political advertising you're tilting the scales towards the incumbents who already have access to media access to information especially in countries that have more digital regimes and you'd be squashing the Voice of the smaller party the little a person so I do actually fundamentally believe that and I heard Mark Zuckerberg say that the other day and I agree with him political ads can be an important part of voice especially for local candidates and up and coming challengers advocacy groups in the media might not otherwise cover that way they can get their voice into the debate I do fundamentally.

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